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March 20, 2019

I’ve been getting eyelash extensions since May of 2018 and in that time period I’ve been to about 10 lash estheticians in Portland. Until now I did not want to talk about them because I had not found anyone I was obsessed with. I had so many terrible eyelash techs. Let’s go through our favorite eyelash experiences. 



The Bad:


They just were never a good fit all around until I met Addey. Some people had terrible bedside manner at a lash salon that was near my house and one girl literally argued with me that I did not have an appointment. Most eyelash techs book through schedulicity so there was clearly a mix up with spelling on her end or booking. For me it was not a big deal and I was happy to wait while she had clearly double booked me. Instead of apologizing she just grunted through the whole appointment saying how terrible my lashes looked. At the end of the appointment I told her she was actually the last person to do my fill two weeks ago. That was AWKWARD.  


The next surprise was a girl who slid into my direct messages offering me a free fill. At this point in time I had been going to a super cute place downtown, but it was about $90 a fill and this girl was closer! I figured “a free fill, what could go wrong?”. I checked out this girl’s Instagram which was super cute and decided to give her a shot. First off she was 45 minutes late to our appointment, which did not bother me at all because traffic happens and I am pretty understanding. It was actually the fact that she disclosed to me she had been stealing from a client. Essentially she had been requesting payments from her client for lash fills that the girl actually never received. The client asked for the money back because of her mistake and the esthetician literally refused. The client was going to sue the esthetician and naturally told all of her friends about what happened. The client’s friends all stopped going to her apparently. To top it off she asked me from a business point of view if I would return the money, this is all happening while she is doing my lashes. I was mortified and she asked me to refer all of my friends to her. That would be a hard fuck no.


The good:


Now going to ten different people I am able to 10000000% recommend Addey. From the moment I came into her shop we had the best time. She is now moved into a brand new and stunning place! My lashes have never looked better. My main issue is making sure they are fully clean when I come in (trying to be better!!). If you need someone in Portland, you need to go to her asap. The biggest difference is the time she puts into see your eye shape and actually does what you ask. She takes the time to make sure it is done correctly until it looks perfect and would never rush you out the door. I love a good full look. I'm not one of those girls who wants to be "natural ", so if we are going for it I want glam. 


What to ask for when going in: 


"For Kristy I give her a Mega Volume Doll eye look! Mega Volume is thicker and more dense than just regular volume. Each individual fan contains 6-15 mink lashes that are extremely light so they don't do any damage to her natural lashes but provide just the drama she wants. The doll eye style is when the inner and outer corners are shorter. Creating a tapered effect with longer lashes in the middle of the lash line. This opens up the eye and gives it a more awake round appearance." 


What to expect when you go in:


If you haven't ever been in you can expect to literally lay on a bed that looks like a flattened dentist chair. It is super comfy and you can just chat for a little bit with your consultant about what the appointment you scheduled and make sure you have the same vision (v penny!). I bring in pictures, but I am also not going to shy away from an idea Addey has if she thinks that will look better. You might not know what to book your first time, which is okay to call and get a general idea overall. A lot of people book through schedulicity, which is an online platform to book all different types of services. When booking you pick the  lash type you want and then it will show you on average about how long it will take. Most appointments will actually take about an hour to an hour and half to complete. Sometimes people will have you pay an upfront cost in case it is your first appointment to make sure you actually show up. So, if you aren't going to make it at least let them know! It's common curtesy babes. 


First things first 


They will cleanse your lashes and put eye pads under them or even tape so they can see your lash line better. Then they separate all of the individual lashes and will apply your specific lash with glue. For different lashes they might have a different technique or fan they use to achieve each look. Then honestly it’s freaking nap time. You just nap it up. Wake up and lashes are glam. Then schedule an appointment two - three weeks later depending on lash retention (a.k.a., if your lashes are falling out). They will totally fall off on your face and the first few times you might freak out because they are thicker and longer than your normal lashes. Don't fret little beeb. 


Mine fall out the most the first few days and then will taper off on falling out. I would say my sweet spot is coming in about three weeks. In between I just bought a fluffy light brush that I have been tapping with mi-cellar water and will gently rub on my lash line to get the clean. You don't want to have a damn hay day while rubbing your lashes, be gentle. FYI you might be addicted after your first few times. I get them so that I don't have to wear a ton of makeup and I can just simply my routine! For me it makes my life so much easier. Now I cannot think of not having them done because I feel naked without them. 


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