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November 11, 2019

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October 29, 2019

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August 3, 2018

Crazy. This has been a whirlwind of emotions, connections, and a period of growth in personal and my professional life. In the last year my life changed drastically. Last summer when I started this journey it was out on a whim. I was working at Nordstrom, working for two personal stylists, and a women empowerment blog. I was doing twenty different things and now doing none of those today. I believe every venture that we take brings up to our next step of our lives, even when we move on from them. That could mean dating, jobs, friendships, travel- whatever it is one thing constantly leads to the other and we are able to design our lives.



In 365 days, I almost lost my dad to a heart attack when he had to have double bypass surgery. I dropped out of school for a term, meet some of the most amazing people, got to travel all over the country, and grew so much as a person. I have come to realize what we think of as a “end” is usually just the beginning of something magical. I always wanted to blog and used to talk about it in high school, but it is so much more than just typing words on a page to me, I get to connect with all of you. I get to hear about your lives, struggles, things you want to know more about, and I feel like we all get to grow together. Sorry if that was cheesy, BUT I’m a sentimental gal and celebrations bring it out in me LOL.


Before I get into my ten lessons for the last year I want to let you in on a little secret. Every week this month I am going to be doing a giveaway and my first one is starting TODAY! You guys know I love a good tan because (I can think of about a million reasons) it makes you feel sassy and all of your clothes look better. I mean it’s summer, show off those fab legs and work it. SO we are giving away my favorite products from Selfie Glow. I have raved about them forever and so it was time for a treat for you guys.




1. Salty beach scrub: Exfoliation is key. You need this to buff your skin so it has a clean and smooth surface for the tanner to absorb.

2. Clearly Bronze: This is a moisturizing self tanner water. I know it’s so crazy how selfie glow has thought of literally everything. Like mind blown over this product.

3. Tan and Go Large Bronzer: This is freaking fab. Why? Because you get tan in under one hour and it is super easy to apply. I always use my hands because I think you get better control of product and you are able to really rub it in.

4. Sunless Tan remover and primer: THIS IS GOLD PEOPLE. I have never used something that gets off you tan like this. Even my microfiber towel hack does not stand a chance to using this product. You can use it on your hands when you are done to get the tanner off or before a new tan use this all over your body to remove any access tan.  I will now always have this product and you guys should to.

5. Night Tan: This smells 100% better than any tanner you have ever used. HANDS DOWN. This is infused with soothing Lavender and chamomile. It puts be right to sleep and guess what? It does not stain your sheets. I have tested it and turned all my friends onto this. Promise you this is a game changer and you sheets will be super happy. Then you wake up and have a glowey tan. Like what is better??

All you need to do is tag three friends in the comments and follow my twitter page! I will link it all for you babes to make it easy.



So now that we got all our tanning action out of the way let’s dive into some life lessons we have learned in the last year. So many different things to cover in this post so stay with me! I think you could relate to them too.


1.  Money may buy convenience, but it sure as hell does not buy happiness. Think of all the movie stars with so much money they do not know what to do with and guess what most of them are not the happiest people you would ever meet.

2. Change is inevitable. Nothing stays the same and not even you. You change and that’s a wonderful thing. The less we stop holding onto things the less suffering we must deal with.

3. Community and your tribe are everything. Lean on them and cultivate a community of badass people that you can grow with.

4. Life is not fair. You always need to remember that your time is coming for greatness and to just remember to be grateful no matter what.

5. There will always be toxic people: family, friends, or people in the workplace. You must learn to manage your expectations of people and how you react is huge.

6. Never be scared to be yourself. Don’t hold back. Don’t pretend to be something other than yourself and be REAL.

7. Your reality and your thinking are one of the same. Your thought process about your current state of life has everything to do with your overall well being.

8. Self care is not luxury, but a means for survival. You need those night where you go to bed at 8pm and that doesn’t mean you need lush bath bombs or $20 bath bombs.

9. Comparing yourself to other will steal joy no matter what. You will never be them. Stay in your own lane.

10. Enjoy this moment. It will change. People die, move, breakup, and you will never get these seconds back.




Finally lets give a HUGE shoutout to the team. Nothing would be possibly without all of these amazing women. I wanted an all woman team for my 22nd to celebrate how wonderful all the people around me and show off all of their talents! Hair and makeup we went for an old Hollywood glam and did they nail it or WHAT?? Styling with the balloons, helping with the day of the shoot, and being an essential part of this day was outstanding. The cake speaks for itself. How amazing and down to every detail was this? We ate it with our hands afterward and sat on the ground and I about died. It was all different flavors we were in AWE. Photography goes out to my main girl, who actually has a birthday this month! Make sure to send her all the birthday wishes!!




Hair: Olivia Williams 

Makeup: Riley Hopp

Styling: Johnston Style

Photography: Steffi Kutcher 

Treats: Jen FitzPatrick


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