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March 2, 2018

I get asked all the time about my career path or what personal tips I have for people on this journey.


I really wanted to make this post even though my version of what it means to be successful may be extremely different than yours. These tips work  for me and if you can use then that is amazing and if something else is working for you,  PLEASE tell ME!  It is a good thing  for me to gain more insight into every industry and I always want to know more about all of you.



 Starting from square one…...


Write down all of your goals


No matter what you want in life, I believe starting out with an end goal in mind is essential. This goal can be broad or extremely specific, but you need to make it and then write it down. I printed out my goals for this year and put them on my mirror. You want to see this every DAMN day!  It needs to start to become a part of you. I envision my life once that goal has been conquered.  I wake up every morning wanting to push myself towards that goal….... Now goals do change....You may have once wanted  to be married by age 24 with two kids and a little white picket fence. Now you look at that dream and laugh.   However,  at one point in your life, you wanted that!  Ask yourself after writing down your goal,  “why do I want that so bad RIGHT NOW?”   Is it because your parents or society tell you that's what you should be doing? Or is this YOUR dream?


That’s some deep shit. So sit with it and make sure this goal is really something you want to put your heart and soul into.



 Stay Inspired


I am a super visual person and get inspired when I see images or quotations in writing. I have found that creating a vision board is an extremely effective way to visually represent what I want in life. Cut things out from magazines and quotations from books.  Make a collection of things that you love. When creating a board,  I am very intentional about what is pinned on it. Be warned,  it can take weeks for this process to be completed so do not feel the need to finish yours in one day. If you are a private person, just remember no one needs to see this.  It is only for YOU to have this creative space that you are proud of and that can empower you.  That said, vision boards do not work for everyone! I also stay inspired by Ted Talks and meditation.  At this point, it cannot be stressed enough the importance of taking time for YOU. Begin blocking YOUR time into your schedule.   I write down 9 things in the morning I want to accomplish and then next to them write how long each task should take me. For the selected amount of time I am unable to do anything else.  For example,  if I am working out for 60 minutes then for that allotted time I can not answer emails, talk on the phone, or schedule other things. This has really worked for me to focus on each selected task so I can give it my full attention.




Gain Knowledge


Once I have set a goal for myself I look to experts or to people in my field of study who empower me. I have started to read about their lives and their own struggles. I look up bloggers stories, read books on stylists, and stay up to date with different trends. The more you know about your career goal and how to obtain it the more YOU are in charge of your future. Maybe your end goals is to be wealthy, or empower others.  Maybe you want to have status, or to make a lasting impact…. whatever it is then,  trap the  feeling that it gives you and use it as motivation. Remember that if you really want this goal you may need to put in extra hours and not be able to do things that you are used to doing in order to achieve this. I remind myself when others are going out and I am staying home that I am working on  my future. Keep your head held high because you are pushing forward in your life and career.


Short/long term Goals


With the tools I have, I sit down to make challenging, but attainable goals. Some may be goals set for this week, this month, or this year. My goals have a lot to do with my blog so I track my progress through views, income, or shares. I want people to create content that I am proud of so I put in extra time to make sure what I post is on brand. These small goals that you make for yourself should always be  forefront  in  your mind. Most importantly,  when you accomplish one of these goals,  they should be celebrated! You should reward yourself!  For some people that may mean having a cheat meal and others may purchase themselves something or even, just  have a cozy night in.  You are one step closer to your goal so celebrate yourself!






I cannot stress enough the importance of collaboration. You are not alone on your career path! I have plenty of people in my life that are mentors to me! I can bounce ideas off of them! Reach out to people all the time for networking purposes! I have amazing, long lasting relationships with people everywhere, just from  messaging someone on a whim. Social media is such an effective way to reach out to those around you! I am in blogging group on Facebook with girls from all over the country.   We are able to ask questions and talk to one another. I reach out to photographers, local bloggers, and brands almost on a daily basis. You never know when you may need a connection with someone or can use them for a future project. These are the people you want to keep in your back pocket and stay up to date with them.


To be successful you have to work at it everyday. It is not easy.  If it was, EVERYONE would be doing it. Remember,  you are not like everyone else and your talents are special! You can push through whatever challenges you are facing, but taking the first step is the most important one. I want all of you grow and take whatever you can from this article that YOU believe will work for YOU. Cheers cupcakes! This is OUR year so let’s kick some ass and really put ourselves out there.








All photography by Stephan Partpito



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