• Kristy McInnis


Okay everyone has been all over the whip coffee craze and I get it because I am 100% with you. I love it. Breathe it. Whip it. Catch my drift. LOL

After making this about 50 times I have come with some hacks to really change it up and you might want to hop on the bandwagon after reading this because it is THAT good. This has been all over Tik Tok and IG and I get a billion questions so I wanted a step by step guide for you babes.

The first thing I have heard is that it is “too sweet” and I totally get it. I am normally a straight black coffee type of gal. I love a good cold brew situation so some strong AF coffee. I actually have a hack. You want to add cinnamon into the mix. It is amazing and I top mine with an aggressive amount of cinnamon.

I personally want caffeine I don’t just drink these for the IG picture. I need some actual kick in the caboose. So I use espresso powder instead of just instant coffee. Then I pour over Don Francisco's black coffee specifically. This coffee company is amazing and I can not say enough good things about the company as a whole. I have been a cheerleader for them for over a year!


What people do not tell you is this recipe technically makes enough for one person. Some people think it is a tad strong so you have options! You can use one tablespoon per person or just use plain instant coffee.

♡ 2 TBSP INSTANT COFFEE OR ESPRESSO POWDER: It actually HAS to be instant coffee of some sort, I tried coffee grounds and was standing there about to break my arm off. LOL So you need to make sure it actually Instant coffee.I will link the one I actually use and am obsessed with.

♡ 2 TBSP SUGAR: I used white sugar, coconut sugar works too. Powder sugar will not work. Tried it!! I use a thick all natural granulated sugar that does the trick

♡ 2 TBSP WATER: many people say hot water. I have not found a difference at all.

♡ DON FRANCISCO'S COFFEE OR EVEN OAT MILK : or whatever milk or milk substitute you like, oat is my personal fave!!

Chic glass- I personally love this all glass heart shaped mug. It is so cute and is the perfect size.


1. Combine the espresso powder or instant coffee, sugar, & hot water in a large bowl (if making for two people and doubling the recipe), if for one person grab a glass.

2. Grab a mixer or even a coffee frother! If you have a handheld mixer this is the best situation for extra speedy whipped coffee. I will tilt the bowl at an angle so everything is moved to one side of the bowl. Makes it way easier to whip.

3. You will keep mixing until you get a caramel color and the consistency gets a lot thicker. Mine will have the same texture as jet puff and will be extremely thick. Once you think you’re done & ready. You are probably not, so go two minutes longer and keep mixing. Then you’ll actually be done. LOL Trust me on this.

4. Pour your milk of choice over ice (Have heard oat milk is amazing!) or some Don Francisco's coffee & then use a flat tipped spatula to spoon in your whipped coffee on top.

5. Optional: You can add drizzle of honey on top, add more cinnamon with these chic custom designer stencils, or even chocolate sauce.