• Kristy McInnis


Ahh Cabo. Something about it just makes me feel blissful. Every time I come here, I see how much I have grown and also reflect on where I want to be. I spent the last two new years in Cabo and this year I felt way more at peace with myself. With my path. I mean, a little Chandon Moet helps with a little self discovery am I RIGHT? I’m going to do a post on how to achieve your goals, so stay tuned! Now let’s dive into the outfits, shall we?


Seems fitting that we break down the outfits - starting from being pretty much naked to a tad more fully clothed. The swimsuits this trip were actually ALL grandparent approved. This was our Geriatric trip to cabo with 4 of the members over 75.

♡ White swimsuit :

The first was a high-waist white swimsuit with adjustable straps. I was nervous to say the least. I am about 90% sure that this was my first ALL white swimsuit. I was more worried to stain it and that it would not hold me in. I actually loved the fit because the material was thick instead of being see-through, like most cheap swimsuits are.

♡ One piece :

Okay… I am actually going to wear this as a bodysuit this coming week. I seriously love buying swimsuits as bodysuits because the material is thicker and it hugs you in! This one is $20 and I love a good thick strap, especially on a one piece. This one I got in a Large and loved the fit! They have about six different prints and patterns with the same fit.

♡ Polka Dot Ruffle:

This was a lot lower cut than I had expected, but not a bad thing. Honestly, most stuff is rough when you have DDDs and want to be cute ! I loved the ruffles on the top - a fun little girly flare. The high-waist came up slightly above the belly button and had an overall good fit. I got a size Large.

Clothing :

♡ Two piece:

This never made it to the gram, but I loved it! It fit true to size and I got a Large. The bottoms were cinched at the waist, but then flowed out, which was perfect since I was hitting it hard with the bloat this trip.

♡ Palm Romper :

Got to be honest - I did not get to wear this more than as just a cover up but I definitely wish I would have worn it more. This was a size Large and had a stitched waist with a white tassel belt. LOVED.

♡ NYE Jumpsuit:

This was actually a size Small. I was honestly shocked because I am normally am size Large, but this is from Willow & Clay! They are doing a big rebrand right now and boy does it show! The clothing I have got from them is freaking adorable!

Accessories :

♡ Bag:

Bottega Vienna the "pouch" is my new favorite and I am beyond obsessed. I think it is so versatile and also holds so much. To be honest, it deserves a post all on its own because this thing is BOMB. It is a splurge item, but it is also what I like to call a ‘lifer’, a bag that you will keep forever.

I also linked here a dupe, which one of you said was an amazing replica of it and I would have to agree.When they are side by side you can barely tell a difference!