• Kristy McInnis


Ladies. Let's get fun this vday. Let's let loose and have a little bit of fun shall we? Were chatting vibrators , wiener soap, and all the things your man doesn't know he needs in his life.


Get him something that he doesn't usually wear. It doesn't have to be WILD, but maybe push him out of the box. If he is a jeans and t-shirt guy, let's get him into something a little spicy. A fun dress shirt or honestly just a different color of undershirt can make SUCH a difference.


That one pair that he has... needs to go. Let's be honest. They are ratty and probably have nacho cheese on the pocket. They are most likely piling and we both don't want to know what he has been doing in them. LOL Men, men, some of them are dirty little creatures. BUT WE LOVE ‘EM!


Most likely he doesn't want to smell like lavender and roses. Can we blame him ? No. Let's get him something that smells good and isn't hot pink. Thinking more clean scents or mahogany for the men.


A really nice bottle of alcohol with a decanter can actually be a great gift. It's about the thought and the time, not really about HOW much you spent. On the other hand, you can tell when you spent a pretty penny on a decanter. For the guy who loves his beer we have him covered too. He needs some fun items like these stainless steel beer chiller sticks.

Let's Play:

Alright we all need to clean up after we have been going at it. These towelettes are so good. Perfect for after the gym if you need to freshen the situation up for guys and gals! The toys I honestly added to my own cart. Pumped. Bringing a vibrator in the bedroom can be super fun and also… it's Valentine's day. ANYTHING GOES. I added conversation cards as well because you can use this at a dinner party to reconnect with your partner if you have been feeling a tad distant.