• Kristy McInnis


Wow wow wow. Feels like LA was a month (OH WAIT IT WAS!) with all things we were doing! I went on the trip with my podcast creative director, I pretty much could not do life without her. We went for a mix of blogging content, connections, and the podcast. It was definitely a “ what a time to be alive” moment while I was there, I felt like everything I have working for over these past months were coming together. I needed that MORE than any of you know. It is amazing to feel validated in what you are doing and also feel like there is something bigger than you. The only two places I have truly felt a connection is LA and New York. New York brings a sense of calm whereas I feel excited in LA.

Takeaways From The Trip:

♡ Be Open.

Podcasting has helped me meet some of the coolest people, I could not trade those connections for the world. I refuse to do podcasts over the phone or Zoom because of the connection you lose with the person. Being in the room with someone brings an energy that I believe is truly unmatched. I believe light brings light. When you put out your truth and your energy - it does come back.

♡ Prepare For The Dementors.

It’s funny that as I get older, I can tell when people are reaching out with the intent of an "ask". They start a company and want someone, meaning me, to just work for free. It is important to hold many of these people at arms length. We haven’t talked in three years and ten you reach out for an ask? Probably not a great way to start a relationship over again. Think about what you can bring to the table and know people's time is worth money.

♡ Get Every Single Person’s Contact.

The hustle is real. I am from Portland and have been thinking about moving to LA or NY, the more brands, people and communities that I can place myself in front of, the better. I always ask for a business card or email. A networking hack that I use - don't follow someone's Instagram account at an event. Reason being is that the moment I leave, I will never remember who they are. I use the notes app in my phone to keep track of who this person is (first name and last), what they do, and also the way to contact them. Post trips, this is THE FIRST thing I do when I come home.

♡ Take Advantage.

You have no idea what connection could change your life. One phone call. One ‘Hello’. One time you put yourself out there. How crazy is that? That is why being open, but also grabbing life by the balls is important. When someone asks you to go somewhere….go! Our whole trip, we just figured it out. We knew what we wanted out of the trip and came away with taking advantage of EVERY single opportunity.