• Kristy McInnis


Can we be honest? I have had the worst time finding people to do NBR (Natural Beaded Row extensions) on my hair. I have been through the ringer. I had a stylist that charged me double for hair that she didn’t even actually buy. I even had stylists lose the hair and lie about the training they have had. It is freaking hard to find someone you genuinely love and is a good person down to the soul. This is Ashlee, who is actually a saint. I do not say that about many people, but she is freaking amazing. She turned my very sad and upset hair into what it is now! I get so many compliments about it and I will forever be grateful. She may or may not have her own salon coming soon! I will keep you updated on details. I wanted to make this post for the babes who want to get NBR and also show you an inside look in the industry! Let’s get into it.

Meet Ashlee: My name is Ashlee Vance! I am a wife and mother to a 4 year old boy, Levi and my 2 year old daughter, Savaiah. Pursuing Being A Stylist: I always had a passion for science and art in school. Honestly, for years I pursued what I thought my life’s passion was of becoming a forensic scientist. However, after seeing my first crime scene I quickly discovered that was the furthest thing from my dream come true. So I started taking classes for a business degree because I figured I could use that for anything. Then I got a job so I could afford to move out of my parents house. I got hired at a salon as a receptionist. One day when I was working I found myself in awe of the stylist and the beautiful art they created. I loved how the clients could come in having such a hard and challenging day and leave looking amazing and feeling so much lighter and happier. I was hooked! And ready to change my people’s lives! I was terrified! The first time I went to do someone’s hair I realized - I could be ‘that story’ for a client one day. You know! We’ve ALL had that hairdresser that screwed up our hair. We thought “She knows what I’m thinking and will make me look just like JLo!”. Then the next thing you know, you’re walking out of the salon with your hair cut 6 inches shorter than you wanted and your color couldn’t be more wrong!?! I was terrified to be THAT hairdresser. But I figured out how to combat that fear. The key is to have exceptional consultations and crystal clear communication with my clients on what to expect. It’s so important to me to under promise and over deliver! Every time! KCM INSIDE SECRET SCOOP: I still sleep with my stuffed animal dog my baby sister gave me when I moved out of my childhood home. There are 10 years between the two of us and I tucked her in almost every night of her life. When she gave me this dog she said “Don’t forget about me!”. My heart hit the floor and I will forever have this dog. Mentorship: Rachel Hollis, what I admire about her is her zest for life and passion to empower women to show up for themselves and be the best version of themselves with so much excitement. I would give anything to impact someone else’s life the way she has impacted mine. I always try to be a light for my clients when they are in my chair and when they are home watching me on social media.

At first when I started doing hair I was surprised how much I liked it! I have never been a girl who likes to spend a ton of time in front of a mirror, now I spend 5 days a week in front of one. However, I learned that when you create an amazing look, you don’t have to spend a ton of time in front of the mirror. Because with the right haircut, color, extensions, and styling products, your life can be easier and still look fabulous. It’s high maintenance to be low maintenance. This is what the creator of NBR said when I was at my first training. Wow, I didn’t realize how true this statement would be. When I started wearing the extensions myself, I realized that with the extensions, your hair and the extensions hair actually hold the style much longer. With the extension foundation, my hair never would go flat! I used to have to wash and style my hair every other day and now I go every 6 days! Between extensions and Gold Lust Dry Shampoo, I am set. When I style my hair, it holds for a solid week! Wow...right! NBR BREAKDOWN: Finding the stylist I would recommend searching for Google, Instagram, and Facebook for people who offer NBR extensions in the area. Then, check out their photos and website to see who you vibe the best with. Then at that point, I recommend filling out their application because if they are truly NBR Certified then they will have an online application. From that point, the stylist will contact you for a phone interview. I always recommend that people ask the stylist to see their certifications to prove that they are in fact NBR trained and certified. Any hairstylist who has vested the time and money into a training like this would be proud to show off those certifications. Technique Something that I love about this technique is how secure the hair is to your head so you don’t have to worry about beads slipping. Also, because we can custom color the hand tied hair extension, the hair flows through your natural hair flawlessly. The way the beads are placed on the head makes it so that there isn’t just any one area that is taking the weight of the extensions. In my experience with all the other extension techniques, I have learned that this is hands down the least impactful and minimally damaging technique by far! Which is why this is the only technique when it comes to hair extensions that I will do. The care at home for these extensions is mind blowingly easy! Just keep your hair hydrated and detangled, be mindful of how you’re styling, caring, and sleeping with your hair so you aren’t pulling on your beads and that is it! Really easy!! Maintenance When clients come in for recommended tightenings (which is generally every 6-8 weeks), we will start with removing the hair, which usually takes about 5-10 mins total to do. Then, you will get your color refreshed if needed, as well as your extensions getting a color refresh if needed. Lastly we will wash and re-apply the extensions and then you’re all set and fabulous! You see the theme here... it really is easy all around to apply, care, and refresh. I absolutely love this for clients!


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