• Kristy McInnis


Yes, I have lip fillers and no, I do not care if you judge me. Hello and welcome to #KCMKulture, where we get really honest about what is happening. No jet puff. No fluff. Straight to it. I posted an entire video about my experience that you can watch below because I want to be able to share with you guys taboo topics.

I get botox because I do not want to look 856 years old when I am 30. It is a personal choice, I see cosmetic enhancements as self care. And you don’t have to totally understand my opinion!! What you do to your body is your decision and what you chose to put in it is your prerogative.

I get mine done by Sharla Peterson and I just love her! She made me feel super comfortable and I now consider her a friend! Plus she was on the podcast.


♡ How bad does it hurt?

Yes, BUT there are things you can do to minimize the pain. A hack we used was to apply two layers of numbing cream over my lips! I asked for extra time to make sure they were super numb. Another hack is to use a vibrator to distract the muscles. Use one that you use for facial massage and not “play time”.

♡ How much does it cost?

I would expect on average to pay $500-$700 depending on the place you go! This is your face and this is something that can get easily messed up. Do not try to penny pinch here. I REPEAT, DO NOT GO ON GROUPON. I do love GROUPON, but not for filler.

♡ Hacks to micromanage lip filler?


Go in for a consultation. ALWAYS. I went in to the consultation with 10 pictures of what I liked and did not like. Ask to see the work that they have done. Ask them what they will do if you get blanching (this is the worst case scenario). Ask them for a price estimate beforehand.

At the appointment day-

Then ask to see the box and bottle it is in to make sure you are actually getting the correct product. I would ask for two layers of numbing cream and at least 30- 60 minutes of numbing time. You can always ask for a friend to come with to hold your hand or get a stress ball to hold onto.

♡ What did you get?

I got one syringe of Juvederm Ultra spread between top and bottom lip.

♡ How long does it last?

Every filler is different, but mine is six months!

Anything else you babes need? I am here to be your human guinea pig and help you babes out!