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Everyone meet my pride and joy, the talented Naomi. She is my super talented nail artist. We met over IG and she is such a bright light. I honestly let her do whatever she wants when I come in because she is creates the best artwork. Let's get into it.

Meet Naomi:

I'm Naomi Keller! I recently moved to Oregon from Utah. I went to school for my license at MTech in Lehi Utah in 2013. My niece actually decided to become a nail tech before I had ever thought of it and seeing the beautiful art she was creating on nails inspired me. I've loved to draw since I was little and what better way to be an artist and actually make money!

I was a little nervous to start the process of becoming a nail tech but from the moment I thought it was what I wanted, it has just felt prefect and I was so excited. I was more nervous to start in a salon! I was much quieter than I am now and was so scared of being a bore to my poor clients! Haha. That has definitely changes now that I am confident in my work and myself in general! I'm still very much an introvert but I've learned how to read people better and if they like having a conversation then it flows easily and some people enjoy the quiet away from kids!

I love love love getting to know my clients and becoming the best of friends and their unofficial phycologist and they help me just as much in return. I have struggled with depression and anxiety since I was young and only admitted that I needed help and started medication in my 30s. I am a huge supporter of medication and getting the help needed.

Some of the best advise I've received in this industry is how huge Instagram is. A co-worker taught me the basics and how to grow a following and what influential people to contact. It was a massive career changer! Instagram is where the majority of my clientele comes from. Instagram is also a huge part of furthering education and new inspiration and ideas. There are quite a few nail techs I follow that have been great mentors.


Best tips and tricks for grown long and healthy nails.

Nails are all about genetics. If you have thin nails, you have thin nails. That's just how they grow. Just the same as hair. Taking supplements and diet does make a huge difference. Use cuticle oil every night.

How much does ones diet play a part in nail health?

A healthy diet can 100% help with growing strong nails. Some nail problems can be from an underlying medical issue or medications. Taking a blood test to see what you are lacking has worked for some of my clients.

What is the difference between regular polish, shellac, dip, and acrylic nails? Whats generally to be expected to pay for them?

Regular polish dries by evaporation and only gives a little extra strength.

Expect to pay from $25-35.

Nail enhancements are a form of plastic that adheres to the nail bed.

Gel Polish cures (hardens) and adheres to the nail in a UV or LED light. Gives a quite a bit of strength especially with the newer thicker base coats a few companies are making now. Shellac is the name of a gel polish from CND. Most nail companies have their own gel polish brand. Expect to pay $35-45.

Hard Gel is a thicker, harder form of gel. It also cures in a UV or LED light. It has the same strength and look as acrylic but has no smell and is much easier to file.

Expect to pay $50-60 Overlay, $60-70 Full set

Dip Powder systems are just acrylics done in different steps. Like acrylic, it hardens through evaporation. Expect to pay $45-55 overlay, $55-65 full set

Gel X is a new technique companies are doing. They use a gel polish base coat to attach a nail tip to the natural nail.


All enhancements can be completely healthy for your nails. It depends greatly on the prep the nail tech does and the care they take to protect your natural nail. It also greatly depends on how well you take care of your nails. "Nails are jewels, not tools!" Proper removal is essential! Nail enhancements should never be picked or ripped off. You have to remember that it is attached to your nail plate and if you rip it off, you are ripping off the layer of nail it is attached to!

♡ Giving nails a break during Quarantine?

Yes give the nails a break! Chat with your nail tech about how to properly remove the type of polish you have.


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