• Kristy McInnis


By now everyone is in the heat of the Thanksgiving season! The time of year when everyone comes together and celebrates those special holiday moments. For me that’s when I pray my family hosts the Holidays at our house so I can wear my fat pants and crawl into my bed after a food comma. This year, our holiday meals will be strictly vegan at the McInnis residence, so I will give you an update on how great or terrible that experience might be! Praying for the best, but just in case, I picked myself up a small 15 pound turkey and hunk of ham. I may not be able make it through the day without some protein and I am a girl who loves her options.

Normally the family slaves in the kitchen all day ( I watch and eat the cheese plate) and everyone gets stressed out with lots of people coming over, but this year we decided to mix it up! After some debating we decided as a family to have our Thanksgiving made ahead (New Seasons I want to thank you ahead of time) and honestly it was the best decision we could have made. People stress out so much for the holidays and they forget to enjoy them. Living in the moment is something I have been trying to do (if you read my last blog post) and I think the holidays should be no exception. If you are sick of cooking, then hell, order up some food and forget the apron this year.

There is something to be said for all of the moments we get to spend together as a family and just enjoy one another’s company. It does help to have a little holiday cheer in our lives am I right?! I have partnered with One Hope Wines to share with you guys some of my favorite holiday traditions and also talk about how everyone can feel good about having a few cocktails ( I cannot fix your hangover though).

My favorite traditions include:

1. Stealing dessert before we have eaten dinner. Everyone has that one person in the family who gets in trouble for getting into the pie, cake, cookies, pumpkin bars, etc… and that happens to be me.

2. The girls in my family always get matching pajamas and we put them on after dinner. There is nothing like eating your body weight in pumpkin pie and then throwing on a flannel pajama set from Victoria Secret. This year we went a little wild and bought 4 different sets… many options this year!

3. Put up the Christmas tree! Some years depending on how many drinks are being poured at dinner this can (possibly) get pushed back until the next day, but I have high hopes for this year. We also put on Christmas music and watch Elf. Will Ferrell running around New York in an elf costume seems to get better every year.

4. You guys are all aware I love a good sale, but black Friday isn’t my cup of tea. #1 its rude they make people leave their families to shop early, but on the other hand, I also do enjoy Fred Meyers selection of socks. If the family feels up to it we will run to Freddies and buy a years worth of socks and then come home. Its funny every year I still manage to lose all those socks in about a week… I swear the dryer eats them.

Bottoms up!

I didn’t realize how great it is to write a blog post with a few glasses of champagne in my system and I think this officially the best way to blog (highly recommend). Side note like 20 of my friends already bought products from One Hope so clearly this company is doing something right! I was talking with my hairstylist this morning about how much we both love the packaging alone. After you open the glitter bottles it kind looks like a stripper or Lady Gaga came struttin’ through the house, but that is never a terrible thing (all hail Lady Gaga). They also make amazing gifts for hosts this holiday season because wine or champagne covered in sparkles makes just about every woman/cousin/distant relative who you forgot about very happy. If you buy about six bottles you should be set. You can give four away and then drink the rest so you can handle those "certain relatives" you dread to see.

One Hope has also given about two million dollars in donations! Nothing like drinking for a worthy cause. Not to mention they have provided over 2,600 clinical trials for cancer patients and found 13,000 forever homes for shelter animals. They have also given 1.1 million dollars to meals for children and helped 33,000 people with life-saving vaccines. I could go on for an hour about how I am obsessed with this company and how you should go to their website to BUY BUY BUY. I always love to support a company that helps others because this is not the only season for giving, we should help others daily (Ill save this for another post).

Cheers to a very happy turkey day to all. I will be enjoying a “healthy riced cauliflower” and then stuffing my face in Costco pumpkin pie.

P.S. Drink responsibly & follow me on snapchat for daily life updates with my horrible android quality phone. ( Kristycath33)


Photography by Allegra Villella