• Kristy McInnis



Alright, we are chatting foundation. This is a full coverage product that is sent down from the gods. I have to say that honestly, I was skeptical when I first read the reviews. However I got it sent from a brand and now they have me hooked. I apply a little facial oil on and then use a damp beauty blender to get the CC+ cream to lay evenly. This has SPF in it, BUT I still apply SPF from my belly button to neck and fully down the arms to the hands. I do not want to look 105 years old when I am 30 so best to get the SPF party started now. This is now a #KCMSTAPLE and makes my skin look so even.


Sweet Tooth? These are right up there with Ferrero Rocher, which if you know me… MEANS A LOT. I have to actually hide these from family members because everyone is just as obsessed with them as I am. I figured you all needed to try some so I did a giveaway on @kristinacatherinemcinnis last week for a three month supply of treats. I personally like the variety pack, but you can actually order them by treat if that's more you vibe!


Belted & beautiful. This is such a freaking cute piece to add to your closet for an all year round staple. I have started to pair this with dresses and rompers and have got so many compliments on it. You can buy a belt puncher to make it bigger or smaller, I have one that I have used for years. I just love the hearts on this and the gold hardwear does not look cheap at ALL in person. Right now this is only $8.99!!


Alright let's get into it shall we?! These are the 4 reasons why I am using this daily and have another one on the way.

ANTI-AGING – This facial cleanser penetrates deep into the skin and helps to flush out oil and other impurities while it loosens up and washes off older surface cells, helping to erase fine lines and reduce wrinkles. It is the perfect addition to a successful skincare routine.

ACNE CONTROL – For adults dealing with acne or problem skin, this facial wash will do miracles. It will provide a longer lasting deep cleansing that will help control sebum generation and reduce oil accumulation within the pores, minimizing breakouts and whiteheads and encouraging a clear and healthy looking skin.

SPOTS & SKIN TONE – With its optimal concentration of AHA and complementary Papaya and Royal Jelly extracts, this gel cleanser will help fade out age spots, sun spots and dark spots over time, while improving skin tone and radiance.

PEEL PREP – This face wash can be used as a great peel prep cleanser. It is the perfect companion for our Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic Acid chemical peels and it can also be used for post-peel maintenance so don't peel without it!

♡ $10 SHOES

Let's get some shoes! I am actually wearing these right now, they have such a trendy vibe without breaking the bank. These are only $9.99, which I personally think is unbelievable. I would recommend getting a thicker insole because this one is a tad flimsy. Besides that, I use these as slip ons to dress down an outfit or bring a sporty vibe to the situation.


Alright so I stole this hack from the @tcspodcast !! I just replaced all the lights in my bedroom to red light so that when I go into my room, it is time to unwind. The red light actually helps your brain decompress so you can have a better sleep. I feel like the bedroom should be for sleep and sex only. I am trying to not work in my room at all and I swear it has changed my sleep game.