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Updated: Mar 9

Hello my beautiful friends. Today we have Sydney Mintle blessing us with her presence. Sydney is a power publicist based in Seattle who specializes in beauty and fashion. She firmly believes in supporting and promoting brands that have roots in the Pacific Northwest and also pens a style blog that supports the #ShopLocal movement. Sydney is a regular contributor to PR Couture and has also worked on city guides and shopping round-ups for California Apparel News, FashionEdits.com, Elle South Africa, and Miss Magazine based in Austria. I actually met her during New York Fashion Week and we barely talked. I just remembered how she carried herself and had this amazing vibe about her. Shortly after the event I was at that I met her, she actually reached out and the rest was history! She was on the podcast so we figured it was about time she came full circle to the blog!


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SM: It’s a brand New Year and influencers around the globe are looking for proven strategies to succeed in 2020. In our conversations over the past decade with bloggers and influencers, the same questions often emerge 1) What’s the best way to secure deals with your favorite brands? 2) How can you develop long-term partnerships? And most importantly, 3) How can you remain top of mind when brands are looking for key influencers to collaborate with? The answer is in building strong relationships and finding points of differentiation from your peers. Here are 5 tips for building lasting relationships with brands you love.

#1 - Get familiar with the company and its mission

While it may sound obvious, it’s shocking how little research influencers do before reaching out to brands they want to work with.  It’s important to understand the brand mission, company values, and the key messages the brand is trying to convey. This will help influencers to think outside the box when it comes to brainstorming creative collaborations and will also demonstrate their ability to understand key attributes of the brand. Taking the time to understand the brand story is a critical key to success.

#2 – Connect in Real Life

When you’re working to establish a relationship with a brand, it’s important to get offline and meet in person or over the phone with decision-makers who can help guide you in the right direction to landing a collab. These people might be social media managers, marketing managers, or even publicists, and they’ll have valuable insight to help you understand the nuances of the brand and how you can incorporate them into a pitch. For example, if the brand is focused on sustainability initiatives and you have a unique way to communicate this creatively, you’ll instantly have a competitive advantage. If it’s not possible to meet in person with a brand, ask to hop on a call or find out if they have any upcoming events in your city and attend those. There will often be brand reps at events that you can meet in real life to keep the conversation going.

#3 – Always Add Value

With the influencer space becoming increasingly saturated, brands have more choice than ever when it comes to picking partners for collaborations. Stand out by adding value in your area of expertise. Are you great at producing video for IGTV? Do you love creating content for Tik Tok? Are you a social butterfly who loves hosting events to bring people together? Leverage your skills and layer them on top of required deliverables to delight brands and stand out from the crowd. Influencers who include information about the success of past partnerships in their media kits are more likely to pique the interest of prospective brands.

#4 - Stay Engaged

If you land a coveted collaboration with a brand, stay engaged even after the campaign has ended. As a best practice, send over supplemental information post-collab including stats like engagement rates and feedback from fans. Keep the conversation going by continuing to engage with their content, whether you’re working on an active campaign or not, and keep them in the loop new content you’re producing that they might be able to organically plug into.

#5 Create content you love

If you’re an influencer trying to make it in today’s competitive landscape, chances are you’ve heard messages about the importance of authenticity. But let’s be honest, what does that actually mean? Well, for starters, it means being true to who you are and creating compelling content that you would be inspired to create regardless of whether or not a brand was paying you to produce it. Are you making content that you love or are you focused on content that offers a kickback? The bigger question is: what are you ultimately using your influence for? My hope is that you leverage your momentum to spotlight brands and businesses that you truly believe in. In 2020, brands are focused on building relationships with content creators who ultimately align with their values and recognize their unique position to influence their audience for the greater good.In 2020, influencer marketing will become a $10 billion dollar industry and brands will be actively looking for the right influencers to partner with to share their brand story. Building relationships with brands takes time but it’s never too late to put your best foot forward.

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