• Kristy McInnis


We are talking today all about the bathroom. Honestly, in this quarantine I have wanted to love every part of my room and I am a bath gal. I seriously am obsessed with some new items I have picked up within the last few months and they are pieces anyone can use to really upgrade the bathroom.

Get Naked Mat

This is a non slip mat that I put right under my sink and I freaking love it. I have really started to love more minamastic vibes all around. I have seen this everywhere and decided to take the leap. Honestly why I bought this one was because I really loved the font. I have been super specific about fonts lately ( I couldn’t tell you why) and I was like *add to bag* as soon as I saw this one. They have a ton of Etsy if you want more of a script font as well, I will link for you bbs!

Floating Shelves

The skincare shelves. I have been obsessed with these really clean lines and these are perfect to line up all of the skincare needs. I actually got two of them and stacked them on top of each other. I did everything that was color coordinated and I loved how it turned out because I use all of my products when I can see them. For me, I really wanted to get rid of things on my counter and this helped so much!

Lazy Susan; for skincare

I actually got this for christmas and it is so freaking cute. I got a label maker and then labeled each section for night skincare, morning skincare, serums, and oils. Having everything all laid out makes it super easy for me to use and makes the routines super streamlined and that is what we ALL need.

Skincare fridge

If you have not gotten one of these you need to add it to your wish list. I freaking love mine and have had it for almost two years! It can actually be used in your car for drinks if you have outlets! One major thing I have learned is that you can not put vitamin C in the fridge because it ruins the properties of it.

Soap Holder with Waterfall Spout

I found this because I was in a deep deep hole on Amazon and discovered the best soap holder. Doesn’t seem like a big deal until you have it. I seriously think this is a wonderful product and very happy with the fact I bought this. I will just be sad when I move eventually and have to take it off the wall. LOL

A small little round up of the bathroom products I have been loving because when you feel good in your space it can be life changing. Just saying, iit makes me feel good to take some extra time to declutter the crap, clean it up, and get it rockin’.