• Kristy McInnis


EP #4 How To Embody Your Highest Self And Attract Your Desires With Jaya Rose

Let's give a warm welcome to @thejayarose who is a self love coach. She has been featured on @abcnetwork, @oregonbridemag, and @nbc! As the go-to expert in her field as a life and embodiment coach for spiritual entrepreneurs, Jaya has created her own methodology to help her students embody their Innate Magic and highest selves, so they can more easily attract their desires and create success on their own terms. She believes that we are living in a time of infinite possibility and that it's not only an opportunity but a responsibility to share our magic with the world. 🌸

Jaya dazzles her audience with her big-hearted charm and invites them to step out of their comfort zones and into a new reality where anything is possible. They will walk away from her talk with tangible take-aways, inspired minds and full hearts, feeling ready to expand their vision and serve at their highest level.

Each episode we will have a drinking word or phase. When you heard this work or grouping that is a reminder to sip your cocktail of choice. So sit back people and get tipsy, today's drinking phase is " own it "


1) What is your background and how did you get started as a Spiritual Life Coach? 2) What is a Spiritual Life Coach and what drew you to this industry? 3) Do you have any degrees or professional training? 4) What led you to go out on your own and start your own company? 5) What do you wish you wished you had known before starting a business? 6) What types of clients do you work with? 7) What types of services/ programs do you offer? (EMBODY, Impactful Storytelling, etc.) 8) What is the Embody Method and what caused you to develop it? 9) What ways do you share your message/connect with people? (online programs, IG, FB, Podcast) 10) What is your favorite part of your job? 11) What is your least favorite part of your job? 12) How do you find a work/life balance? 13) What makes you feel inspired or like your best self? 14) What do you think your unique skill(s) is/are that has helped you become successful? 15) Do you have any exciting new projects you are working on? 16) How can people connect with you? (social media, unique hashtags, website)




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