• Kristy McInnis


Okay I am freaking obsessed with Nashville. The first night we had a little night ruiner because my friend I went with got pick-pocketed and they took everything. She is a cash carrying gal so they got $400 cash, two credit cards, and her ID. It was like 15 minutes after we got in the bar. Like people I tell ya... BUT we did have the best time. We spent our way through eating around town and hitting up the club scene. We honestly hit all the 5 star places and boy was it worth it.

Were we stayed :

It was the cutest little Airbnb! I was dying over all the little touches you could see to make the space feel special. A part that I loved was they have this picture wall where everyone can take a polaroid and what they did on the trip for the next people. Not being from here we loved that and also they website was so helpful. They broke down everything from where to go, where to eat, and places that were close to us! It was perfect for us and had a full kitchen. This was perfect for all the IG stories and it was so colorful. A major thing that was I lover was how many towels they left and how they had so many things they left for you to use. I totally spaced on bringing dry shampoo, deodorant, and also razors. They had it ALL for us to use. You could tell when they bought this place they gave it a major face lift. I honestly loved the record player and the idea of using albums as wall art. I would 100% recommend staying here and it was the perfect distance from downtown. They location was huge as well because super close to the airport about 15 minutes and then there were a ton of restaurants around us. Another major plus is the people that you work with for the place. They were so friendly and helpful. She was so sweet and texted me just to check in. I just love genuine people and you could tell they were super down to earth!

Where we ate :

Hattie B's:

This was some amazing chicken not going to lie, we had chicken for every meal. I heard some guy on the plane talking about it and looked it up. Our uber driver gave us a huge tip to not go to the one in downtown and go to the one closest to the airbnb because of the wait time. People come from everywhere to eat here! So I would say it was a Nashville staple. I had the original chicken with literally every single sauce they offer, fries, and baked beans. I tried the HOT version and thought I was jesus. LOL So when they mean hot they are not joking around. Freaking five stars for a reason.


We were over the moon with the service. We had the kale salad, pork tacos, and the fish tacos. I am going to have dreams about the salad and they have this homemade got sauce that I literally want to buy. I wish they had it for sale because I would be a frequent customer. This was a random place that we walked by and looked adorable. The place was huge and pretty packed for a good reason. Also the sparkling blood orange cocktail is essential like blood orange juice and champagne was a stand out star.

Holler and dash :

We went here twice for breakfast because it was THAT good. Honestly could not believe they make this good. The place was freaking cute inside and the food was as a day maker. We had two different biscuits sandwiches one with fried chicken, pickles, melted cheese, and the most perfect bisquit you have ever seen. Them also a pork biscuit with fresh jam and grilled onions. We also had the parfait that had the best yogurt I have ever had. I love a good thick greek yogurt and not sure what they used, but freaking bomb. We added honey and fresh fruit with a sprinkle of granola. Then another stand out star with the banana and peanut butter toast. They also make this house guava drink that kicked my hangover to the curb.

Poke brothers :

I have never had a better pokè bowl. I was floored. I had the "Duke" which is the most popular, but loved that they had a build your own option. They also have this on Uber Eats so if your feeling lazy or its just more convenient totally order. I did some additions with half brown rice and half sushi rice. I hate when they put way too much rice and you get like three miniature pieces of fish. You aren't going to find that here. The bowls are loaded with stuff. I got seaweed salad, pineapple, extra ahi tuna, crispy onions, and much more.

Favorite bars :


Jason Aldens

Kid Rocks

Not going to lie Nashville stole my heart. I would move here in a heartbeat. I was dying over all the country music, fantastic people, and the FOOD. I could actually see myself moving here for good because it was just THAT amazing. I am honestly excited to go back.