• Kristy McInnis


Okay I know we all need accountability. That may mean a buddy or even hundreds of your buddies on IG that are watching your stories. When I know I need to do a lot in a day, I want to share it with all of you so you get an insight on how I spend those 24 hours. I get to share a little bit of myself with you AND keep myself accountable.I like to plan the night before WHAT I need to do because that helps me relieve anxiety and get my shit together.

When I know I have posted about needing to go to meetings or go to appointments that literally makes me want to do them. I type out EXACTLY what I am going to do and sometimes even the time is attached. We like to get specific here at KCM and agendas are the perfect way to do that. We want to work smarter NOT harder here. These tasks maybe as simple as unloading the dishwasher and putting away clothes, but they are important to you.


When I make these agendas this is a very sneaky way of me time blocking my day and that means during that time period I CAN NOT and I repeat can not do anything else. This keeps me focused and more efficient.

  • Use do not disturb on your phone:

I cannot be bothered when I am doing tasks and text messages throw me off my game. One text message turns into answering 50 of them and that is why I ask people to call me. There is no reason for you to break your focus for something that could be answered later! Pick a time to answer all of these. With this being said I schedule check ins with people and will go through the list in the car when I am not listening to a podcast.

  • Do not multitask:

This is so freaking hard because I used to do 80 million things at once and I feel like it is a muscle that you have to actually work at to not multitask. That sounds dramatic, but it really isn't! This helps you not get carried away when doing tasks and only spend 15 minutes doing something and do it well rather than spending an hour bouncing around. I use a strawberry pink timer at home and will literally play a game with myself to see if I can beat the clock!

  • Do the MOST important thing first:

This is so hard for me because I used to procrastinate, but getting that first task done ASAP makes that anxiety disappear. Everything else is easy after that task. This sets an automatic priority to get those things done asap. Then you may find other things can wait.

  • Tell people:

Use these agendas as a way to write things down. You may even use some pen and paper to make this happen, but hold yourself to the standard you would others. If your friends told you she would do something and keeps putting it off, what type of friend is she? Think about that relationship with yourself and keep those promises. There will be days that you are tired or things are hard, BUT you can do this.

  • Tag a friend:

If sharing these is not enough tag someone in your story to check in with you. Use an IG friend or even your mom to see if you have completed things by the end of the day! Honestly I am going to start an accountability pod on IG because I think we all need some extra help!! That way we can start to tag each other and community is what it is ALL about.


Make sure to tag @kristinacatherinemcinnis on Instagram! I can not wait to see your daily tasks and I uploaded all seven for you guys. We will be releasing them every three weeks so you KCM babes got the inside download FIRST.