• Kristy McInnis


Alright, let’s chat about the empties shall we? Honestly, this could be something I have to do that’s a recurring post because I am a product hoe. I personally I think it’s the best kind of hoe to be. LOL. I try so many things and when I get hooked I mean I am down right OBSESSED. My mom always gives me new things to try and being able to try them I find out exactly what I love and things I would never buy again. So let’s hop on this empty product train.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Tanner:

Let’s be honest, you feel bomb with a tan Everyone feels better with a little color, but without the skin cancer or tanning beds. My biggest issue is sometimes I do not plan when I need to tan and this is a product I use with a tanning mitt. It is instant and literally I get so many compliments when I use it. It does not get on your clothes and I can do it when I am in a rush. I use it ALL over. We are talking from the face all the way down to the ankles. It does not dry instantly so you have the time to rub it in. I do this right after I hop out of the shower and let it set while I blow drive my hair.

TRUSS Deluxe Prime Hair Treatment :

Protein Infused Heat Protectant Spray: Alright this is a HAIR changer. I got a handful of my friends hopped on this train. I am obsessed with this because you can use it on wet or dry hair. I put this in my hair and braid it. It has changed my hair and I bring it everywhere with me. I got my first bottle back in January so it has lasted me about seven months and it is so worth it. My hair has never been smoother. I swear on this.

Maybeline Concealer :

I have used this for years. I keep trying different concealers and nothing even holds a candle to this. I got this my Freshman year of college and just

keep going back to it. I feel like it brightens also hides any blemishes I have. I will actually use this right before I put on foundation or CC cream. ALL of my girlfriends use this because it goes on so smooth and I actually have this on delivery every three months. It is THAT good.