• Kristy McInnis


We all have moments where we feel like shit. Maybe your friends are being supportive? You just got into a fight with your family? The Significant other is being super present ? Whatever the deal is you need a cheerleader. You need something to boost you when your down because whatever you are doing is a big deal to your life. You need a fuck it button.

Relying on people for support doesn’t always work because they are wrapped up in their own lives. They could even be jealous. This is why you need to be your own biggest supporter. You need to believe in yourself to make whatever change you are going through important. The biggest lesson I have learned is that I do not need anyone to clap for me as long as I believe in myself. I believe in the person I am becoming. I believe in myself to make the best decision. Here are some steps to start believing in yourself and get your mojo back. (BUY THE BUTTON)

1. Accept where you currently are:

For the longest time I have been super embarrassed to not be graduated on time. I thought I should have graduated last fall and this crazy expectation I set for myself

I started to feel guilty and would not want to talk about it. I have four classes and left and just need to power through. But in this process I have had to ACCEPT where I am. I am not on the path that anyone else is on and just needed to hear a friend tell me that. Accepting your current journey is so important. This is your story and how cool is it that YOU get to write it ??

2. Remember a time you killed it:

Take a moment before you hit the button to remember a time you were so proud of yourself. No matter what anyone else thought or what you did. You felt empowered. You felt special. Remember where you were standing ? Remember how you felt full of pride? You were overwhelmed with joy because you hit that goal? You can feel that again. The biggest thing you need to do is visualize yourself reaching this next goal. You put that positivity into the world. You put that goal into the universe.

3. Say your goal outloud to yourself:

The way you talk to yourself is so important. You get to create the person you are becoming. You need to have daily positive self talk. Talk with yourself about how badass you are. How strong you are. How beautiful you are. Your self worth has nothing to do others perceptions of who you are. You need NO ONES approval.

“The brain simply believes what you tell it most. And what you tell it about you, it will create. It has no choice.”

“If you tell yourself that you cannot, what can the only outcome be?” – Shad Helmstetter.

4. Accept the fear:

" With great power comes great responsibility" and I remember this when I out content out because It is a responsibility to be honest, not work with brands or people who I don’t love. Did I just quote Peter Parker’s Grandfather? Hell yes I did. Because you owe it yourself to accept the fear, accept the risk, and see that it is something new in your life. It has the power to wreck you. ONLY if you let it. You should acknowledge how that makes you feel. That fear is a good thing, it levels you out.

5. Be open to learning :

Whatever you are embarking on be open to finding a mentor! You have zero idea what you are doing so get a book. Ask people around you. You aren't going to have all the answers so you have to be okay being uncomfortable. There will be a learning curve here so be prepared to gain knowledge.

You may need the fuck it button for multiple aspects on your life- love, work, family? Whatever you use it for use it for good! Use it to boost your confidence, pep you up when you need someone to tell you to go for it, and start chasing after those dreams little muffin. (BUY THE BUTTON)