• Kristy McInnis


Okay who is feeling sluggish? Raises hand because I feel like we might need a few little pushes to get us back into the fall swing. Let's end summer on a v happy note you know ? I have been traveling a lot and feel like a little round ball (like 6 months prego to be specific) and need to hop back to it. Some major things I have been bringing with me on travel actually makes me feel so much better. I am not sure why I feel like 3,000 years old lately, but clearly need to to grab my Hydro Flask and spend 20 minutes chugging it. Some major things that do help me while traveling are my hot pink 40 ounce Hydro Flask, my calm powder that I measure out, papaya pills, and my acupuncture mat.

1. Hydration ( BUY HERE) :

Alright chances are you over indulged on vacay. Had 3 too many vodka sodas and guzzled it down with a glass of rosè? Or maybe ate an aggressive amount of garlic bread because you were taking one for the team? Well your hot pink Hydro Flask is here to help you. Name her. Love her or him like your first born. Decorate it with some stickers and IG story the shit out of it. Chug before bed and then fill it up so it is right next to you in the morning. I always wake up like mid drunk in the night need to chug it up. Add a little bit of lemon and trying to chug more water when your vacay is so important. With all the traveling you aren’t eating normal foods, you get swollen, and it helps deflush your bod. Set a timer and make sure you have had a certain amount of water by that time.

2. Getting calm (BUY HERE):

For some reason I am a high stress person ? Lol Chances you are too! This little powder not only helps you poop, replaces your natural magnesium, is natural GMO, and is vegan. Place powder in a glass or mug; add 2-3 oz of hot water. Let it fizz, then stir until dissolved because if you don't the powder will come to the top and you will legit snort it. Fill with warm or cold water and enjoy... personal like the warm water before bedtime. I need a natural BM like 8 am and if it doesn't happen we are feeling off. I need something to just make everything start moving and this on vacay is a SAVOR. I just put a few tablespoons on a ziplock.

3. Papaya Pills (BUY HERE):

These pills make the world go round. Like seriously the best. A girl in my sorority in college turned me on to them and they have changed my stomach. I did not bring them on our trip to Walla Walla and noticed a serious different. When my stomach is feeling off I take them and they serious help. " Papaya Enzyme Chewable Tablets combines the finest quality of freshly ripened Papaya fruit with papain, amylase and protease enzymes which aid in the digestion of proteins and carbohydrates, while encouraging proper nutrient absorption" (legit stole from the amazon page I bought these off of !) I take mine with food and just throw a few in with my normal vitamins to take on vacation.

4. The Hot Pink Acupuncture Mat (BUY HERE):

Alright judge me all you want, BUT first try the mat and tell me this is not the best thing you have load your body on. It does actually hurt at first so I recommend actually putting on clothing for the first time before laying butt ass naked. Once you have tried you will be hooked. It is just that good. Mine is literally $20 on Amazon and best purchase ever. There are almost 8,000 acupressure points, Includes neck pillow for ultimate comfort (I literally use this for my quads also), Stimulates blood flow and muscle recovery, Promotes rest and relaxation. I had the test because literally everyone was making fun of me on this vacation. I pulled it out to the front room and made them all get on it. Everyone was hooked because you feel so good after and it makes you instantly relaxed. The pressure points it hits really make such a difference. I highly highly highly recommend it.

Okay babes. Have some vacation or general life hacks? Would love them! Send them to my latest IG post so I can feature them in a future post.