• Kristy McInnis


Alright, remember Blair Waldorf? If you say anything other than the fact you are obsessed with her we have got some major issues. This headband is next level and you need it in your life as soon as possible. Which is about 48 hours on Amazon prime.

This is OG $500 and I can not understand a moment in my life where I think that will even a headband should be worth that much unless it comes with a personal butler named Chives. Never the less this comes in a pack of four and I have been vibing with the mustard yellow one for the past few weeks. I think if there is a dupe moment to be had let's hop on that train.

This headband is so comfy and a staple that everyone needs. It is so chic and goes with everything. I mean what a fabulous way to cover up some greasy hair, but at $12.99. Right?!

I got mine in pink, mustard, navy, and also black. I like that these are nice and thick because anyone remember back in the day where those headbands would squeeze the shit out of your head? You get a headache and have to grin and bare it because now you have a huge dent in your hair. NOT CUTE.

When picking a headband you do not want one that is coming off your head and huge. Like if we wanted to wear a hat we would. So we want a statement moment, but without it taking over the whole outfit. I have taken these on my past four trips in August and people have been obsessed. I have direct messaged four different girls who wanted links to it at bars.

Perks :

+ four colors that go with any outfit and you can even give them give them out as gifts.

+ not too tight on the head, but also do not fall off because they are perfectly shaped to the head.

+ satin material gives me some gossip girl vibes, but modern day.

This is just a staple you need your life. Its freaking cute and going to make you standout in the best way. Satin all the way. It has stripes on it and these adorable little yellow bees that add the perfect touch.

Okay muffins here is the link to the fab AG headband. Plus if you are not following my favorite account : @kcm.primensita we talk all about different products, hacks, and goodies all available on amazon prime. Everything I have in my house and freaking love.