• Kristina McInnis


Okay let's be real. Skincare is fucking expensive. Having nice skin is hard for MOST people because it requires so much more. I always want to try products to see them, but don't know if I seriously want to make the plunge and purchase products until I love them. So I have used these hacks to help my babes on a budget.

Hacks :

1. Go to Sephora & ask for a sample.

Guys I have tried about a million foundations this way and even some eye creams. I have found products I am downright obsessed with after wearing them for a few hours or others I wouldn't waste my time on. The people at Sephora want reviews and ask them what they recommend! I always use points to get smaller sizes of things and test them out.

Favorite Foundations:

2. Buy travel sizes.

People really over look this tip. This Drunkin Elephant eye cream is like $67 and I wanted to see if I really loved it before I made the plunge. I REALLY do love it, but wanted to see if it actually made a difference after a week in Cabo. I got all the travel size products to see which ones are my favorite. Then I can use some of them up to two weeks or more depending on how big the size is.

3. Measure Product.

Have you ever noticed how much product you use ? I took a moment to actually stop while I do my routine so I am NOT overusing product. The major thing is people use way too much and not in the right order so they end up throwing their money out the window. You only need a little bit to actually make a difference. I actually have read as well that you don't need the same product everyday. You need products based on your skin that day. Are you dry? Super oily? Need hydration? Your skin tells you so much.

4. Double cleanse with a purpose.

Use a cheaper face wash to take off makeup or wipes so that you can get a clean canvas. Then use a more expensive face wash to actually use on your skin. This way you use LESS product, but it is MORE effective.

My Cleansers:

5. Cheap exfoliation tool that really works.

Okay so we can not be spending a million dollars here so let's purchase ONE exfoliator that is under $20 and lasts a while. It does not mildew because it is so breathable. I personally love to use the rough side because when I use it with the second cleanse my skin feels freaking fantastic.

Cheap AF tool:

Skin tips for the win. Gotta LOVE some hacks. Link down below are all my favorite tools.