• Kristina McInnis


Okay I just feel the overwhelming urge to share with you our meals from this trip. I mean who doesn't love a benedict and pineapple daiquiri? We went to so many new places this trip and 99% sure my dad wanted to murder my mom and myself because we kept pushing to go SEE more. We always stay in Cabo and we used my birthday as an excuse to go visit all the places we wanted to eat. We don’t ask for much. My mom would also like photo credit because she said if she doesn't get credit I will have to pay her daily "photographer rate". We give the gal what she asks for. #photocred

Let's do a break down of the fabulous new places we ate.

1. Acre (WEBSITE)

Alright the venue was insane. I mean honestly I need to find a man stat so I can get married and have a reason to dance in this mango orchard. It was like out of a damn movie. So dreamy. Tree houses, a million miles of palm trees, and an extremely happy Kristy. We started out with the Ahi Tuna plate that was covered in dallops of avocado, red onion, and jalapeno. We removed the cilantro because it does not come anywhere near me. I am one of those people who has a genetic disposition of hating cilantro. It's actually a thing I am not being dramatic. I had eggs benedict which was great, but really the star of the show was my dad's fish tacos that were wrapped in a thin slice of jicama. Want to know how many times I asked for one more bite ? About a million. Lol. Sharing is caring in my book. All the drinks were fabulous. I am not a huge mezcal fan, but for those of you who dig it they even have a tasting bar. I had the pineapple daiquiri which was next level. It had a banana leaf coming out and I could have ordered a pitcher.

* Stand Out Stars : Ahi Tuna Sashimi Plate, fish tacos with jicama, and a pineapple daiquiri

(I do not own credit to these images. These are all legit on Google.)

2. Bajo La Luna (WEBSITE):

Honestly I am floored over the fact I have never been here, YET it is right across the street from Cabo Wabo. Everything here was fabulous. I have heard don't get meat here from a few people so I stick to what I know in Cabo, seafood. I had this raspberry lemon drop - order half a rim of sugar because it makes all the difference. If your in the mood for something refreshing with a little bit of mint and infused cucumber vodka order the Baja Ricky. I ordered mine with an aggressive amount of lime and I will have dreams about it. For dinner we had something NOT on the menu, but you can totally order. We got the coconut sea bass and then also the Baja La Luna bacon wrapped shrimp. Both amazing in their own ways. I personally like to split meals so I can try two things. Lastly we ordered two desserts, BUT my favorite was the white chocolate bread pudding. It is super thick and can be shared with about 5-6 people because it is so thick.

*** stand out stars : coconut sea bass (not on menu) , baja la luna shrimp, garden salad with lemon, baja ricky.

Oldie, BUT goodies:

3. Tiki Bar (WEBISTE):

Anytime we go get fish, by we I mean anyone who goes fishing for the day (NOT me) everyone goes to either solomons or Tiki Bar. They are brothers who own both places , but we love how they cook the tuna. They do like 5-6 different ways with lemon pepper, butter, panko breaded, blackened, and tons of other ways. We love when they just use it for sushi or sashimi. Honestly we give them no direction. They just run with whatever they are thinking for the day. Many people from the fishing world come here because it is close to the Marina and it is so good.

** stand out stars: best places to take fresh fish- sashimi, rolls, and burgers.

4. The Office (WEBSITE):

It has been a minute since I went for dinner here. Like maybe 10 years so like a few minutes. LOL I normally come here for banana pancakes for breakfast with a smoothie 69 and a fruit plate. This time we came for dinner and honestly there is nothing like sitting on the beach with the sun setting and 55 people trying to sell you a bunch of shit you don't need. Yet, we always BUY it. One day we will learn. They have live music with fire torches and it makes it feel like home for me. I would recommend the tuna sashimi and I can only get this in a few places in cabo where they make it up to par. It comes paired with a jalapeno arugula salad that I wish I could uber eats home to me everyday in Oregon. This is not on the menu, but you can order a shrimp cocktail on a bucket of ice and then bring a ton of limes. In the heat sometimes I am not as hungry so this works perfect for me. They dust it with some spices and it is amazing. FYI the office closes for a month in mid August to October 2nd this year. They use this time to go see family and to start fresh!

*** stand out stars: Shrimp Cocktail (on ice with extra lime) , for breakfast banana pancakes, smoothie 69, fruit plate, appetizer of sashimi and jalapeno salad.

5. New Grocery Store (WESBITE ):

This is not a restaurant, but needs to be added! There is a brand new grocery store that is in San Josè and it is amazing. Honestly nicer than what we have in the states. You can drink rosè by the glass as you shop. They use ZERO plastic bags and have a bakery section straight from the heavens. If you fly into San JoSè, which most people do to come to cabo this is right off the first check in point. You can ask your cab driver to take you there! We got fresh salsa and guacamole. You can ask for them to make it fresh right in front of you. Also get edible flowers to be extra. You can put these in drinks, yogurt, your bath if that tickles your fancy. I would say some major things to get are the homemade spiced chips that are right in the bread section. Next would be the wine section. They have so many options and even a dedicated sushi isle to make everything you need at home. I got two bottles of rosè that I will have to get back to you on the names, but LOVED the first bottle. They also have a RIP CURL store right out front in case you forget your swim shorts. Cough cough. My dad Steve.

** stand out stars : get the spiced chips, have them make the fresh salsa, and check the wine section. Edible flowers because you just need them.

Hoped you loved some good Cabo posts !