• Kristina McInnis


“Why did you start Blooming Bloggers?” “WTF is Blooming Bloggers?” “When is the next event?”


I get these so many questions in my direct messages and these are the most popular! I am here to answer all of your questions and give you some inside details for our next event on October 6th.

Alright, let’s start from the beginning, shall we ? Ambrosia and I met though our friend in Portland who said we would love each other. I am a freak and had never met her, but invited her on a five day trip to Arizona. Clearly a risk taker. We hit it off and had a full blown eight hour road trip to horseshoe bend where we in fact never shut up. 100% sure our photographer friend wanted to kill us while she was napping in the back. What can I say, us gals like to talk! We talked about our hopes, dreams, and what we wanted out of life. I love a good car ride where you just pour out your soul. LOL. We shared so many things in common, but the biggest thing had to be the fact that we needed to bring people together. We had both felt alone so many times in our journey in this social media world and knew others felt the same way. We had both had traction on social media and had very different journeys, but ones that parallel.We joked around that we should do something together one day!

That day came a lot sooner than either of us had expected. A week later she called me while in San Francisco and asked me to host an event with her in less than three weeks. Mind you I hate speaking in public and about died. The best way to get over fear is face it head on, right? I have always said you have to get uncomfortable to get comfortable. This was one of those times where you just had to push through and get shit done. We skyped and stayed up many late nights.

We planned our first event and thought it was going to be it. Though we wanted more when we finished. We wanted people to come to these events, get inspired, and make friends that would actually support them. We saw afterward that these people had actually made connections that they were using! These two girls that met at our event are now best friends and I remember seeing a picture of both of them together and thinking this is WHY we do this. They may have never met before and they launched their blogs at the same time. How badass is that?

Many times in social media it is so hard to bond with like minded people because you sit behind a screen and you compare. You compare looks, weight, your whole damn lives. That was not what we ever wanted to people feel like they were less than. We wanted them to come to the events and see how amazing they are. Maybe they needed an extra push? Maybe they needed to just get reinspired?. Sometimes you feel like social media actually makes you less social. You ever look around at a restaurant and see every damn person is on their phone? This is when my family does a phone stack in the table. We need to focus on being present in this world where so much is happening online. Our goal was to get people out from behind the phones and meet face to face. I read an article last week that said many people in 2019 believe they only have one person they can count on. One person who would come get them in a time of need. That number has drastically gone down since 2015 when people said they had at least 4 friends. Those numbers make me sad, but also empowered to bring more connection into people’s lives. We crave connection and community. To feel apart of something bigger than ourselves.


Blooming Bloggers is now a team of FIVE. I smiled writing that because holy shit there are five of us. So many sleepless nights have gone into this company, but we are still going. This is just the beginning! It is 100% scarey, but 100% worth it. As a company we provide workshops, seminars, and one on one personal training for clients. We are working on a few different company rebranding consultations and then take over entire social media accounts. I am proud of the journey, but also how it has helped me grow.

October will be our one year! Officially with an LLC in January, but October is our anniversary. You better believe I already have a backdrop set. It is very BB if I do say so myself. For our Media Makers event on October 6th we are chatting all about storytelling on social media and how to make an engaging story! We will be hearing from best selling authors, fantastic people in the podcasting space, and people who are KILLING it on social. They will be sharing tips and tricks all about how they were able to grow a presence and how to implement those methods into your pages. We will be at The Great Room, which is a brand new event space that is 4,000 space foot. Like pinch me. I just saw the space in construction and it is next level. It is so bright and airy. It has with wood accents, rolling garage type doors, and the these high ceilings that make the event planner in me swoon. We will be having local artists do art installations and a handful of Portland’s top vendors. We are beyond excited because this will be our biggest event YET.

To come I have an exclusive discount code 10% OFF for all you KCM babes!

Use the code: BB10

Link To Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/media-makers-a-blooming-blogger-event-tickets-65459373749

Can’t wait to see you there!! Feel so much love with your support since this journey began!