• Kristina McInnis


Okay I have to say this post came at literally the perfect time! Tonight is an event hosted Comely Laser for bloggers and influencers. I am taking my lovely intern Zoe (Stalk her IG here) and we are ready to mingle and chat all things skincare. Now I am no newbie when it comes to Comely Laser clinic! I have now been going into the office for months for not only laser treatments, but also micro-needling.

I had heard of it and had even got an at home roller, but guys this is a MUST HAVE treatment. This seriously helped my skin texture so darn much. After the whole process it took about four days to get my skin back to normal with redness and flaking. Then I got so many compliments and did not wear makeup for two weeks. My skin was next level glowing. I did not educate myself beforehand and wish I had some of this information just before going in, which is why I made this blog post for you babes! I hope to helps answer and dying questions that you have! Without further a due- the owner and founder of Comely Laser, Anna

What is microneedling ? Is it solely done on the face?

Micro-needling is a form of collagen induction. The way it works is a sterile needle is used to puncture the skin and create micro-traumas alerting the skin to begin its natural healing process. It can be done anywhere on the body including chest, and back.

How frequently should you do it? How much does it cost?

Micro-needling should be done once a month if you are looking to improve fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture, and especially acne scars. Cost varies, but for face and neck right now, Comely has a special for $249 face and neck. This includes a PCA post skin procedure kit that you leave with. The PCA kit comes with 7-10 day supply of goodies for your skin to heal properly

Who should avoid microneedling or how do you know you are a good candidate?

You should avoid micro-needling if you have active acne and open wounds.

How does at home roller treatment differ than professional treatments?

The home roller cannot create the same micro-trauma the mechanical pen can, the needle length can go up to 3.0mm while the home roller cannot.

Have you ever done microneedling?

I do micro-needling once a month to diminish my acne scars. So far I have done 2 treatments and have seen significant results in the appearance of the scars. They appear smoother, and my skin’s texture has changed

Kristina said she got hers done and her experience was different than her mothers. How can experience differ?

Everyone’s skin is different. Some people have much more sensitive skin, and they will take longer to heal. Needle length also matters, some places start at 0.5mm which is not so much different than the home roller, and work their way up. At Comely, we want you to have the best experience possible so we start you where you need to be started. If your aesthetician is trying to treat a specific spot he/she may go over it a couple times, thus resulting in a longer heal time

Do you numb patients before this treatment?

We use medical grade Lidocaine

What is the typical downtime?

1-2 days some people take longer to heal, depending on their skin type. But 1-2 days is the average time.

Should you do just face? I heard you can also do neck and other parts of the body as well!

I have had clients that have treated their underarms for discoloration, chest for stretch marks, and bum for evening and smoothness of the skin.

Does the skin actually bleed? Do you let the blood stay on the face?

The skin does actually bleed. Caffeine execrates this process. We advise no caffeine before your appointment to minimize bleeding.

The blood does not stay on the face, your aesthetician is continuously wiping it off during the treatment, If there is minimal blood, which is usually the case-it is ok to leave on the face

Is peeling normal? I totally had some dry spots!

Peeling is what you want to see. We advise that you do not shave, pick at, or peel off the skin. It is very important to let your skin do it’s thing. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

What do you recommend for after care? Do you have one product that you love?

I love PCA skin “the post-procedure” it comes with 6 different products, including SPF to have your skin feeling and looking its best. The products are trial size, but realistically last about 3-4 weeks. We carry this product in our clinic and you can take it home with you. Treatments in clinic and taking care of your skin at home will give you the absolute best results.