• Kristina McInnis


Okay let's get this cupping party started shall we? I have been going into Cupping Studio in Portland for the last few months. I am going to be trying facial cupping for the first time because I did at home session with my cups off of Amazon and need to be properly taught. Your girl ended up with bruises all over her face and clearly needs to get educated! I thought it would be perfect to bring the company on right after they were a vendor at our Blooming Into Beauty event. They had the most fabulous booth and people were dying over all things cupping. They offered complimentary cupping sessions and the line was never ending! That is JUST how good they are. Today we are interviewing the fabulous Danielle Reghi who was front and center at the event.

So what is cupping? What does it help with?

Cupping is a form of body work that comes to us from under the umbrella of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We explain it as a reverse deep tissue massage. Basically we create a suction into the cups, which pulls the tissue up into the cups. This helps to pull old stagnant blood out of the muscles, and fresh blood into the muscles, which has a lubricating effect for the tissue. It also helps to increase circulation and drain lymph fluid. It pulls lactic acid, and toxins that have built up in the tissue out, and redistributes that into the blood stream so that you can get

rid of it naturally through your kidneys, so we always recommend drinking a lot of water after a treatment. Furthermore, it helps to break up scar tissue and adhesions that form on the muscle fibers, bind them, and cause tension, so it is great for reducing pain and tension. What is great about cupping is that you do not need much time with it, you get great results with just a 15 minute treatment, so it is fast, affordable and effective.

How often should you get this done and how much does each session cost? A great rule of thumb is to get treatments every week if you have something specific you are working on. Depending on what you are working on you can come in, once a week, every other week, or once a month for maintenance. It's always a good idea to work out a plan with your practitioner.

Is there anyone who should not do cupping? On face or body?

Areas of the body that are covered in hair are harder to cup. Cupping works best on areas of the body where there are large muscle groups. You can do cupping on the face, but it is very different than the type of cupping that is done on the body. This type of cupping is very gentle, and does not leave marks on the face. It is great to reduce puffiness, and fine lines and wrinkles. It helps to drain the lymph around the head and neck, boost collagen production, and even skin tone.

Do you offer A La Carte services ?

Yes, we consider our cupping services to be a la carte, as a typical cupping service is only 15 minutes long. You can add cupping to longer treatments like massage and acupuncture as well.

How does acupuncture mix with cupping?

Great, cupping is traditionally used as an adjunctive treatment to acupuncture.

What does cupping overall feel like? Will I experience pain?

Cupping has a hurts so good kind of feeling to it. It can feel intense, and sit on the verge of ones pain thrush hold. I would not describe it as painful, I generally tell people it feels like a tightness, or a pulling. It kind of feels weird, it is the only type of body work that is a negative pressure on the body as opposed to a positive pressure, so it is not a sensation people are used to. Honestly, you just have to experience it to understand the sensation, but a good practitioner should always check in with you and make sure things are feeling good.

Do you do cupping on yourself?

Yes, but it's easier to have someone else do it on you. Also, in order to do cupping, you do have to be a licensed body worker.

Can you do cupping at your house? I have seen kits for facial cupping at home!

You can definitely do facial cupping on yourself, just ask a practitioner to explain how to do it for you.

What are the types of different cupping? I have seen fire cupping!

Fire, Suction and Facial. A good break down of all of these can be found on our website.

Regarding the physical cups. There is a new cupping practice with love cups that produce heart marks. Do they produce any difference than the cute shape?

Nope, the love cups are traditional fire cups that leave a cuter shape :)

What is one product you love and cant live without?

As far as cups go, facial cups. As far as other things that we sell, I have been really into CBD (pure with no THC at all), and probiotics, we sell a really great spore based symbiotic that I am obsessed with.

What is the aftercare instructions?

I have attached an after care infographic.

Tell us about the background of cupping studio and why you started the practices.

Michelle started Cupping Studio because she had such great relief from cupping. While she was in graduate school, she was very busy, as she was both in school full time and working a job. She found that she had no time for hour long acupuncture treatments, and would always ask fellow students to just throw some cups on her quickly. This helped her feel like she was still getting some self care in, while not taking up too much time. So she made it into a business. Pimp yourself out! Tell us your social handles so we can follow you: Find us on Instagram at: @cuppingstudo, @zenspacepdx, and I can be found under the handle @cuppingqueenpdx