• Kristina McInnis


Hey there bbs! I can’t believe how fast June has gone by, can you believe it’s almost the Fourth of July?! Normally my family has a huge family party, but this year we are switching up things! I am actually going to Sunriver for a bachelorette party. I have the broken foot action so I will not be rocking red heels this year. It’s one of my favorite holidays, because I love having a laid back day with the family and friends! We always eat super good food and stay up late lighting of fireworks that would almost put Disneyland to shame. Of course I’m already on the hunt for cute pieces to wear this year because I am traveling and want to get everything together for that weekend! Plus I want to be as patriotic as possible with my apparel, but also be on trend! I mean am I the only one?! I know that we are ballin’ on a budget here so lets do some responsible shopping under $20. That way we can use the rest of the money we could have spent on FOOD! Below are a couple more cute pieces for last minute shopping for the fourth! I linked everything below for you babes! Hope everyone has a very safe holiday.