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Okay this year I am not sure what hit me, BUT I wanted to love my space. You know when you have cute decorated place that is all yours and you get excited to call it home? That place for me was down at school and when I came home I had enough for a whole tribe. I am sure you can relate. When my home looks like a wreck I feel overwhelmed. I can sometimes get irritable and just feel like things are out of place. I need a clean place that is organized to perform at my best.

Taking pride in your home and how it looks is SO important! I think very since having my room actually be able to fit everything it does change how I feel about my home. Mind you I had three rolling racks, a closet, two dressers, and a bathroom to take care of. This took us about 15 hours because I went with it with her. I wanted to be apart of the process rather than her going through everything and just organizing it. With taking those two days to go through it with her I felt invested in the time and actually keeping it clean.

I believe investing in yourself is the BEST thing you can do. It makes you feel pride and also is self love. The difference between just cleaning and actually going through your things to make it intentionally organized is just such a difference overall. We touched every single piece of clothing to fold it and made sure it fit. That was important to me! I think everyone should have this done because I did feel a different way after having it done. Your space has physical impact on you believe it or not.

I want to introduce the founder of Tidy Solutions who I was able to be blessed to work with! I asked you babes some questions and here are the ones you asked!She is now working on my parents space and it looks stunning to say the least.

1. How did you get into professional organizing and what are some misconceptions about the job as a whole?

Though I have always loved to organize, before I had my two children I would have described myself as a chronically disorganized person. After years of frustration, I knew I had to improve my lifestyle for the better. I started decluttering my home one room at the time. The more I decluttered, the more liberating it felt to me. Suddenly, there was more room in my mind as well, which brought freedom and balance to me. Since then, organizing has become a passion for me and I love teaching it to others.

Organizing is not about creating the perfect look to a place, it is about the needs of a client. A cluttered place doesn’t necessary mean that person is disorganized! You are only disorganized if your clutter is causing you pain: stressing you out, costing you money or preventing you from being productive and reaching your goals.

2. How much does it cost for you to come in and organize? Also do I need to be present for the process?

Tidy Solutions charges $60 per hour, and book in blocks of 3 hours minimum.

Everyone has a different a skill level of organizing already, ranging from “almost none” to folks who have some organizing systems in place, but either can’t or don’t use them. The fun and challenging part for me is, to figure out what do you need, and how I can help you to set up a new organizing system that will really work for you. This works best if you are present during the organizing session. But life is busy and it’s not always possible to be part of the organizing. If that’s the case, I will do the sorting for you and then include you in the part of deciding what to let go of. After that is done I will put the things it into place for you and teach you the systems afterwards in a shorter session.

3. How does the process start with someone involved? Like do you start with a closet or bathroom?

Tidy Solutions offers a free 1-hour consultation at your home. This allows us to meet and gives me a better understanding of the project and your needs. This is also a great time for you to ask questions and make sure you feel good about working with me to.

We usually start with a place that is easy and you don’t have to much of an emotional attachment to it. Like a junk drawer or a linen closet. Then I often recommend to move on to a the bedroom. I find that you sleep so much better if your bedroom is a peaceful space for you to retreat to. Clutter and distracting electronics can be major sleep thieves. I find that people are easily motivated to sort other spaces after we’ve done the bedroom.

4. When going through the closet how do you organize it so that they are able to see all of them items? Do you group them?

I like to first sort them into groups of like items. I have some typical categories I work with like sweaters, shirts, jackets ect. Other categories come up like work clothes, winter clothes ect. If you have similar items in one spot it makes it so much easier to see how much you really own.

5. Why is it helpful to sort by color for clothing?

It’s the same as why you put likes together but not only that, it is much easier for our brain to figure out where things go, if all the blacks are on one place and the reds on another. If you need a blue top to go with your favorite skirt you know exactly where to look for and this saves you a lot of time when you need to get ready.

6. What was the hack that Kristina talked about on her Instagram ? ( turning hangers)

Whether you have a small closet and need to swap winter to summer clothing or you have a nice big walk in closet. It is a good idea to organize your closet at least twice a year. When you organize your closet turn all hangers around so the hook opening faces you. When you wear a piece of clothing you can put it back the right way. In six months, you will see what clothes you are actually wearing and which not.

7. How do you know when to get rid of something ? When going through your closet what is a way to see if you "really" want to keep something ?

Only keep the items you feel good in and that fit you. Clothes which have stains, are damaged or that don’t fit add visual clutter to your closet. If you can’t let go of it because it is a favorite college shirt. You know you will never wear it again but you just aren’t ready to let go of it. Then it is maybe better stored in a memorabilia box somewhere else.

I keep always donation bag in my closet and when I come across something, I don’t like anymore I put it in there right away.

8. What are things you notice people hang onto and why?

Mostly people hang on to items that are attached to good memories. Like clothing from college time. It was a fun time and part of us wishes it would have never ended, so we try to hold on to those feelings by keeping the items. Other reasons are guilt. We buy something that we think we will love. But soon we just aren’t as passionate about it anymore. No we feel bad about letting go of it because we spend so much money on it. People also often have a hard time to let go of items that were gifted to them maybe from a loved one or a relative.

9. How long does a typical room take? Is 10-15 hours normal?

Most organizers won’t give you a quote on how long a room will take. As it really depends on a variety of factors. How big is the space, how much items are in there and how quickly can the client make decisions? Being disorganized often comes from procrastinating of deciding what to do with an item. As a professional organizer I can help you to make this process easier, by bringing in my knowledge and recourses on whether you should keep an item or if you can toss, recycle, donate or possible sell an item.

10. What certification do you need to be able to do this ?

Legally speaking no certification is required to become an organizer. However, some degree of formal training is beneficial to providing a valuable service to the client. The training I received through NAPO (National Organization of Productivity and Organizing Professionals) thought me a lot of the process and behaviors of organizing and many coaching skills. I’ve also acquired additional training through ICD (Institute for Challenging Disorder).

11. Do you offer any discounts ?

Yes! With the promo code kristina mcinnis you will receive a one hour free intake consultation and 10% on your first 10 hours organizing. This offer expires 12/31/2019

12. What are your social media handles for people to follow ?

https://www.instagram.com/ facebook

https://www.facebook.com/Tidysolutionspdx/ pintrest

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My website https://www.tidysolutionspdx.com/