• Kristy McInnis


We are all stressed. According to a survey by Wakefield Research, 68 percent of people feel stress on a weekly basis, and 32 percent are stressed every day. Women, in particular, are affected, as 1 in 4 report experiencing stress multiple times a day. For me, I actually feel stress multiple times a day and need to take into consideration what that does for my well-being, and also my overall health. We stack our plate with so much from work, to-do lists, and then trying to get balance in other aspects of our lives! No wonder we are stressed! We know that mostly likely the workload is not going to change, but our response to how we deal with anxiety can.

Tips to reduce stress:

1. It sounds crazy, but just add flowers, In fact, new research from the University of North Florida’s Department of Public Health shows that living with flowers for just a few days can significantly reduce feelings of stress. “There is a growing body of research that illustrates how environmental design positively impacts health. Now it is both intuitive and scientifically known that adding elements of nature, like flowers, to interiors promotes well-being,” said lead researcher Erin Largo-Wight, Ph.D. I remember when I was at school and would buy myself flowers weekly from my local florist and it really does do something! I put them in a place where I could see them when I would wake up and found that adding a little bit of color to a room just makes it feel more alive.

2. Take note when you feel stressed and write it down. I actually will journal at night if I am stressed out and cannot sleep. I have multiple journals now that are filled with my late-night thoughts! Writing out thoughts and feelings can be therapeutic and also clear your mind. I always feel like it is a therapy session when I am done, and I feel so much better!

3. Declutter your space and add pops of color. Color therapists say colors really do affect our moods. The happiest color? Orange. It promotes optimism, enthusiasm, and a sense of uplift. Choose orange flowers — roses, gerberas, lilies, ranunculus, alstroemeria, tulips — to put on your kitchen counter or your desk and see your mood soar. I actually feel so good when I come home to a clean house and everything is put in its right place! I add pops of color with florals, bedding, or even a bright picture! There are so many ways to add color to a room.

4. Be there for others and step outside yourself. Sometimes we can get wrapped up in what is going on in our own lives and forget our friends. Just picking up the phone or visiting a friend is so helpful. I love to give my friends gifts or little things to brighten their day when I see them. A great option would be going to your florist and buying one big bouquet, then separating them into small vases!

5. Take a moment to decompress and breathe. I am currently in an online yoga class that is a mix between meditation and yoga moves. She has us create a space that feels safe and we are required to have some type of greenery or floral arrangement around us. She says what a difference it makes in the practice and we tested it! Almost every single student said it made them feel calmer, and the space felt more inviting. (See above science reference – it really works!)

I was inspired to write this post because earlier this month I spent the afternoon with the Society of American Florists in downtown Portland to celebrate Stress Awareness Month. We handed out flowers to help relieve peoples’ stress and you should have seen those smiles! People at first thought we were trying to sell them something and as soon as they heard we were actually giving them flowers they were overjoyed. It sounds crazy that flowers out of kindness could really brighten someone's day, but they CAN! Giving back to the community and being out there with volunteers from local shops was something I will always remember. There were people who started crying and would tell you all about the hard time they were having and how this just turned their day around. It is moments like this that I love what I do because I was able to work with @about_flowers and create such wonderful memories!

After the event I thought about every time I have gotten flowers. Maybe I was graduating, or it was a holiday, birthday, or some type of special moment! Think of all of the times you have gotten flowers and how that made you feel. Flowers for me have been at some of the best moments of my life and when throwing events, it is one of the first things I think of getting! I now realize that treating myself or a friend ‘just because’ is important too.

I hope these tips helped you and you can implement them into your daily life!

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All photography by : Rachelle Cossette

All quoted information taken from aboutflowers.com/stressless