• Kristy McInnis


Let's talk tans. You guys have asked like crazy about the organic vegan airbrush tanning process. So I figured after about 8-9 tans in by G, it was time to bring her on the KCM blog! I have to say I will never, unless under extreme circumstances, go get a tan where I have to drive. LOL! I am now spoiled by the process and will forever be looking like a lunch lady with my hair net during tans. I may or may not sleep in the hair nets so my icy blonde hair does not turn brown, but you have to do what you have to do!

Introducing Georgia, one of my close gal pals who started her own airbrush tanning business and is ready to get you tan AF!


1. How much does an airbrush spray tan cost ?

“My prices range from $45 to $65 a session depending on the type of tan you’re looking for. I also offer $10 off your first airbrush tanning session and any time you book with a group or friend.”

2. What is the formula that actually makes your skin tan?

“The main ingredient in the tanning solution that Glow by Georgia uses is DHA (dihydroxyacetone) which is derived from beets and sugar cane. DHA works with the protein in your skin and oxygen to produce an effect similar to when you cut open an apple and it starts to slowly brown when it is exposed to oxygen in the air.”

3. Why is it better than tanning in a booth bed? I

“It’s all about preference, but sunless tanning has won the hearts of many previous bed tanners for a couple of reasons. Number one being the most obvious, skin damage. Tanning beds can be great for vitamin D, or getting some color before a vacation, but most of my clients have completely made the switch to sunless because they care about the health and longevity of their skin. The second reason my clients pick sunless over a bed is simply because it takes less time. In a tanning bed you have to build up your tan over many sessions whereas with an airbrush tan, it only takes one session to achieve your desired shade, without any worries of premature aging of your skin, wrinkles and such.”

4. When are good times to get spray tans?

“It really just depends on the person! Some of my clients have weekly appointments because they preferred to be sunkissed all year round, and some of my clients like to tan just before special events and vacations. It’s all just about your personal preference.

As far as time of day goes for your tan appointment, there really isn’t a right or wrong time. I’ve tanned people at the randomest times of the day and night, but that’s why I love the flexibility of being mobile! Most of my clients choose to schedule their tans in the evening so that they can come home from work, hop in the shower, get their tan, then just go to bed. They wake up the next day bronzed and ready to conquer the world!”

5. How often can you get a spray tan?

“As often as you would like! The most important thing is waiting for one tan to completely fade before applying another. Applying one tan over another can cause your airbrush tan to not look as even. For my clients that like to stay tan year round, I recommend for them to book an appointment every 10 days or so.”

6. What is the benefit to having you come to a house? Let’s be real, who wants to put on a bra after their tan?

“Not me! The best part of my business being mobile is being able to provide the convenience of bringing the tan to my clients in the space they feel most comfortable. No needing to find a babysitter or having to leave the house after a long day at work. By bringing the tan to them they don’t have to worry about getting dressed after and smudging your tan, if you’re at home you can just throw on something loose and comfy.”

7. What is the spray tan process? Should I wear underwear?

“So you’ve decided to get a tan, now what? Upon scheduling your appointment I will send you my before & after tan tips with all information you need to know as far as preparing for your tan and also how to care for your tan afterwards. When getting your tan I want you to feel as comfortable and at ease as possible. Wear as much or as little to tan in as you would like. Some clients prefer to not have any tan lines, some love them and some change what they tan in based on the occasion they are tanning for.”

Inside the tent:

“ First you will step into the tanning tent and onto “sticky feet”. These will stick to the bottom of your feet for the duration of your tan to make sure the bottoms of your feet don’t get any extra tanning solution that on the bottoms of them. Next we apply some barrier cream. Barrier cream is applied to hands and feet so they don’t stain nails, or absorb too much of the tanning solution. Once your barrier cream is applied we will move onto the prep spray. The prep spray is such an important step because it acts as a base for your tan. It helps ph balance and moisturize your skin so your tan applies flawlessly, fades more evenly, and lasts longer. Now it’s time to apply the tan! Your tan is applied completely custom to you. Let your tan artist know what you’re going for, we can help you pick the perfect tan for your event/occasion/skin tone. After your tan is complete I apply a drying power to the places like under arms, neck area, etc. to make sure nothing creases. Then boom, you’re a bronze goddess in 15 mins or less.”

8. How to I prep ? Should I shave and do nails before ?

“For the best results, make sure to exfoliate your body well and shave/wax. It’s best to apply your tan to freshly showered skin with no makeup, deodorant or lotions on. We will apply special barrier cream to make sure your nails don’t absorb any of the tan, so you can get your nails done either before or after your appointment, totally your preference.”

9. How should I exfoliate my body beforehand? What are common spots that get dry for people?

“There are so many different ways to exfoliate your skin before your appointment. My personal favorite lately has been dry brushing. You can pick up a dry brush from pretty much any store that sells beauty products (Target has an EcoTools one for under $6 that works great!) the best way to use it is to start at your ankles and make small circular motions with the brush, slowly exfoliating away dead skin from your whole body (excluding your face), leaving a fresh canvas for your tan. If you have any extra dry spots like knees, elbows, make sure to exfoliate them a little extra just to help make them a little bit smoother. It’s best to use the dry brush right before your shower and I recommend doing this process the day before and day of your tan if possible. You can absolutely use whatever exfoliating product you like best for this, just try to avoid products that leave any kind of residue on your skin. For your face, just use your normal exfoliator/or a light exfoliator since the skin on your face is much more sensitive.”

10. How long do they last? How to I take care of my tan ?

“You skin naturally exfoliates itself about every 7 days, so if properly taken care of your tan should last a full week.”

To help your tan last as long as possible and look as gorgeous as possible, we recommend to moisturize your skin twice a day. After showering make sure not to rub your skin with your towel, instead pat your skin dry. Try and avoid excessive sweating and chlorine.

11. What does Kristina get and how can I sign up?

“Kristina likes to be DARK. So she gets the “Dark Glow” the formula I use for my dark glow tans is a violet and green base so that you achieve a nice bronzy color versus an orange hue.”

12. What are the biggest misconceptions about spray tans ? What do you wish people knew?

“I wish that more people knew that airbrush tanning was an option! I see so many ladies (and men) that use spray tan machines that use low quality solution, leaving their tans splotchy and streaky. Airbrush tanning really is a game changer. You can go as natural looking or as “just got home from a tropical vacation” as you’d like. Your tan should be unique like you, not one size fits all.”


Prep is key! I dry brush all the way! Well, actually I wet dry brush in shower and then will use my black microfiber towel to really exfoliate my entire body. Then I will shave and use a salt scrub on my dry areas because I notice this really keeps my tan from coming off. This whole process will legit take me about 30 minutes because I really get into it and want to be completely exfoliated.

I legit go naked AF when I tan and just have my hair net on. I am actually super concerned with my hair sucking up any color so I will braid it and then wrap it in a hair towel. On top of this I put three hair nets (excessive but blonde is expensive!) to completely cover the towel and make sure it is 100% wrapped. I tuck all my baby hairs and then will use a mirror to make sure no hair is out!

New thing I am starting to do is actually buy those nose plugs that I will use during the process. I have noticed that if I sneeze it will literally be dark color so I did some reading and they said these nose plugs will do the trick!

Post spray after I have showered (8 hours minimum for solution to set) I will literally cover myself in oil and moisturizer! I have tested what is better and I think just keeping the skin hydrated is HUGE!