• Kristy McInnis


Whoop whoop that's a wrap! My first ever Vancouver fashion week down; really it was only three days long for my friend Jesse and I. As you may have seen on posts or stories we actually worked a lot behind the scenes interviewing the NYX cosmetics makeup rep, the Redken NYC team, the models in the show and of course the designers. Our main focus working with Vancouver Fashion Week was to get content for both social medias and clearly enjoy the shows! I am NOT in broadcasting! Interviewing people on the fly was totally out of my comfort zone and was something super new for me. I think saying yes to as many wild experiences you can is the key. You just have to put yourself out there and have the best attitude possible. I have been to Portland fashion week three times, NYFW this year, and now VFW. I have got a lot of questions about fashion weeks and how to make the most of your time while you are there! Let’s break this down so that no matter what fashion week you are going to you are able to apply all of these specific tips.

Tips for going to Fashion Week as a Blogger:

+ Set a goal.

For me I know going into any networking event or fashion show there has to be an end goal. Is it to get a contact? Content? Meet the designers for collaborations? You should have a benchmark for yourself so that at the end you have something to show for it. The shows are insane and there is so much art behind it, but trying to capitalize on this moment is major. See what you are needing from that exact person and also a service that you can provide by working with them.

+ Reach out for collaborations and maintain them.

Freaking HUGE. When you get a contact the whole goal is to foster that relationship. For me, I am working with the Westin Grand in downtown Vancouver. At first I wanted to make sure the hotel was a good fit and we found that we enjoyed working together. I have now stayed with them three times for different trips in less than five months. That could have been a one time thing, but REALLY investing your time in the relationship is so important. You want to keep your people happy and also see how you can partner in the future. What you can do better? Was there something they you to promote after working with you? Constantly think about how to grow. I seriously hate the thought of being stagnant so I feel like I need to constantly keep moving and networking.

+ Talk to everyone and go to as much as you can.

Maybe your hometown has a fashion week or a neighboring city! I know many people cannot afford to fly or take time off for fashion weeks in major cities so I think it is essential to make your mark locally. Go and be ready to chat at events. I feel like I always have an elevator pitch in my pocket to whip out when I need to. You can keep it simple and sweet when introducing yourself. If you are shy, then make it your goal to make conversation with the people next to you. Comment on someone's outfit or bring up something that happened in the show if you are at a loss for words. You are your best advocate and you are now in person with people who have the potential to change your life. This means putting your best face forward and putting yourself on the line.

+ Follow up with contacts you met.

Honestly, networking your ass of is how to get things moving. Even if you do not work with them this month you could a year down the road. So keep those emails and contacts to reach out to! Even sending a direct message or email saying it was so nice to meet you is sometimes enough!

HUGE TIP : when networking grab people's handles and save them in your notes. Write what they do next to the handle because you meet so many people and you will forget who is who after following a ton of people.

+ Take projects outside your comfort zone.

Chances are you are not a full time blogger making a $5,000,000 paycheck so take free work or opportunities! You want to make a fashion week video and don't have the budget for a videographer? See what companies need and if they will have anyone around willing to help you. They could even have extra staff around to help film. Simply talk about what you can provide them and see how to be able to work effectively together. For me, that meant filming IGTV videos which will hopefully be coming up soon when we are done editing them. I have never been super comfortable in front of the camera speaking so that was really new for me. Those are the moments you have to get uncomfortable so you can get comfortable.

+ Tag designers.

This seems really simple! BUT the benefit to going to smaller fashion weeks is the fact that you will get the inside scoop and a chance to possibly meet them. When tagging them in stories or posts, they will get notified and you can totally slide into those direct emails or messages. This could even be congratulating them on their work! Just another huge tip I have done to get noticed.

Hopefully these six tips will get you all prepped and ready for your next fashion week!