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Lets talk skincare shall we? My first love in high school was always makeup because I wanted to cover up my acne and honestly hide my skin. I was like how much concealer and foundation can I physically use to just cover my whole face up. YIKES. I would break down even more and created this nasty cycle. Not washing my face, breaking out, buying super expensive makeup, and never being happy. Granted I have the most oily skin and I swear I am prone to black heads because of genetics... I blame my dad Steve all the time. You know those oil blotting papers? I have to use like 3 or 4 of those every single time I blot my face. I could straight up ring those out when I am done with them. That's an EW moment, but it is the truth. It is aggressive and for my people who have oily skin we know that it is no joke. I look like a full blown grease monkey by about noon. The major difference that I have taken now is seeing that to make your makeup look flawless the key is your canvas AKA your face. Crazy it has taken me this many years to finally put it together.

When trying skincare products there are so many brands that I have tried and hated. I have super sensitive skin and get the weirdest breakouts from products with perfumes. I get these little bumps everywhere and they are NOT cute. This is why I have to wait at least three weeks before I can even recommend a product to someone. I think that trial period you are able to experience what the product has to offer and be able to add it to your skincare system. I love to compare products to ones I already own to see if I like a certain toner or face wash better than the one I am using. Then I can make mental notes about why that is and get super specific about it. This is why I can hands down without a doubt fully back the products I am talking about. Lets get down to the nitty gritty and chat about why I like them.

Rose oil:

I might honestly just name my first born Rose because I am obsessed with this product. My biggest skincare tip is to put oil on last because if you don't then nothing can penetrate the skin on top of that. They had this huge debate on a podcast all about layering skincare products. OIL IS LAST. Repeat it. Live in. Breath it.

Another hack people forget is the neck and chest. I mean if we are going to hydrate we can not forget the neck and down to the boobs. Lets get it all going on.

The branding on this bottle is so cute you could put it next to your bed side table and it looks so polished. It has this glass dropper that actually works because nothing is worse than a dropper that takes a million years to actually get the product out of the bottle. Then the smell of this oil is like you have been transplanted in a rose garden. the smell actually lasts, which is so hard to find. I hate those rose sprays that last for about two minutes and then the smell has literally disappeared into thin air. The oil is light and won't feel heavy. I even warm it up in my hands and will totally put it all over my cuticles. Talk about a multipurpose item? This is going into my must have KCM products. This actually has four different oils in it to create one product that is killer all the details below.

D-TOX Microalgae Oil : helps eliminate free radicals, toxins and pollutants that disrupt correct cell functioning. Rose Oil : soothes and protects the skin and helps to replenish it. Gorse Oil : activates the synthesis of urea channels within the epidermis and enhances cell cohesion. Jojoba Oil : strengthens the hydrolipidic film and protects the skin against dehydration. Maintains the skin's suppleness and elasticity.

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Flash Peel Deep Cleanser:

Peels at first freaked me out. I was scared I would break out from them and get super dry. FALSE. It just depends on the type of peel you are using and the ingredients that make the magic happen. This peel is actually mixed with a cleanser so it is super easy to use. There is just something about a foaming face wash that I love. It really just makes me feel like I really got my face clean. I swear to god guys this cleanser does actually make your skin feel so radiant. Right after I use this I will go workout in the morning and people at my workout class will comment on my skin saying how good it looks when I use this. I genuinely feel a difference and makes me feel just overall brighter. I looked this up online and every review I have seen people say the EXACT same thing. it is killer. I listed the active ingredients below and what they do because get specific or go home.

Citysafe: Acts on dehydration, signs of fatigue and pigmentation induced by pollution. Protease: Promotes exfoliation of dead skin cells and allows the skin to regenerate more quickly. OLIGOMER®: Reinforces the skin’s ability to breathe well in a polluted environment* and recharges it with minerals and trace elements.

How to use-

"CityLife Ultra-Cleansing Flash Peel is a new 30 second step that transforms daily cleansing into an exfoliating, detoxifying, facial treatment. After cleansing, pat skin dry and apply two pumps of Flash Peel foam and massage as the bubbles melt. Seconds later, rinse to reveal a smooth, soft, revitalized complexion totally free of toxins and pollutants thanks to exfoliating enzymes and our CitySafe Complex." - Phytomer website

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It is insane how good you feel when your skin looks and also feels good. Remembering that all the skin on your body needs to be taken care of and not just the face is huge! starting out the younger the better because those good habits you will carry into all other aspects of your life. In this post I was working with Phytomer skincare, but all experiences and thoughts are my own.

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