• Kristy McInnis


Have been totally testing you guys these past few months and bought items from Amazon that looked like designer items. They are all UNDER $50. Many of you have been loving these replicas and literally did not notice at all. I put them next to the real thing and there are subtle differences, but nothing that was insane to were I would be like yep that’s not the real thing.

1. Gucci Belt Replica:

My mom has a Gucci belt and I had to try this out just to see how it looked. I was so shocked and we tested them side by side the actual products so we could see the differences. The only major difference was the fact that the “GG” was just a tag bigger, there was also no obvious official stamp on the back of the belt, and it was a little shiner than the REAL thing. It was $19.00 on Amazon and the real belt is over $600 to buy. I will post some pictures of the belt in my pictures vs. the real best. This was totally one I would recommended to get. My stamp of approval! I have now had this for two months and totally wear it to bars, I mean if it breaks who cares!

Shop Replica: $20

Shop OG: $450

2. Chloe Mini Faye Backpack Replica:

This one is scary similar. I have a friend with the plain black backpack from Chloe and we tested it to see our thoughts between the two. I would say honestly the only thing on this was the hardware. It is crazy to me that certain designs can not be trademarked in the US, but this one was almost DEAD on. This was under $50 and would totally say buy if you look the Chloe look, without the Chloe price.

Shop Replica: $69.99

Shop OG: $1,490

3. Chloe Nile shoulder bag replica:

Would not buy in the grey. I mean it is close, but what makes the backpack look so close is the dark color. This lighter one shows the logo of the replica designer and the strap broke on me in the first month. I wanted to test out how these wear so you could see what you are paying for. I still totally use this, but I would buy a different color if I was to buy it again. I feel like this hardware was again a little too bright and shiny, but It was close. If I was too buy it I would say do the grey blue color or even the brown. I purchased an extra strap that was just a plan gold so it was different, but still fun.

Shop Replica: $69.99

Shop OG: $1790.00

Gucci Replica:

4. Gucci Red Backpack Replica:

This is one that I have not seen the OG in person, but from pictures this looks freaking good. It got sent to me by my Amazon family and it is so darn cute. I feel like a white bag is such a statement and this bag legit came with four straps. That is so many options, I sure love my options. It comes with an all gold chain strap, a stripped strap that matches the colors going down the middle of the bag, and then also another simple gold strap. This one I could wear so many ways I would totally recommend!

Shop Replica: $18

Shop OG

Haven’t bought, but tempted:

5. Prada Cashier Belt Bag Replica:

This one I have had my eye on for a little while and really have wanted to buy. I wish I could just scratch the replica designer off because the one I really want that is Prada is about $2,000. I want to do bad, but I won’t! I may just do the under $50 option and can use it as a write off LOL I just love the embellishments on the side and that color is just freaking gorge. I will link it and you guys should weigh in about weather or not you think I should get!

Shop Replica: $56.80

Shop OG: $1,790

If you guys like this type of post let me know! I can totally keep doing them and share what I find out with you guys!