• Kristy McInnis


I was listening to a podcast and wrote some notes in my phone all about the possibility mindset and how resistance creates anxiety. In the past few years I have opened about my anxiety and that was one of the reasons I started #unfiltered so that we could talk about topics that might not be the easiest, but things we should be talking about. In my household nothing is off limits. We talk about drugs, sex, anxiety, and everything in between. I know that many people are not the same way which is why IT IS that much more important to talk about. Another huge one is goal setting and how to transition your dreams into a set plan. When those plans are put into action they have a much higher potential of actually happening. I also think sharing those goals to others helps hold yourself accountable in the long run. AKA why I am talking about my goals. Got to practice what I preach here. I want to say before I start these that everyone has such a different version of success and how that might look to them! I feel like even before you set your goals, there are a few things that you need to do.

Before you SET those GOALS:

1. Acknowledge the possibility mindset: If you do not believe something is possible then you are more likely to fail. The positivity that can come from just saying “I can do this” out loud is so powerful. I am a firm believer that what you put into the world can come back to you. So manifesting a positive vision for your future is HUGE.

2. What is your highest self?: When do you feel the best? Just seeing what you are doing and taking a step back makes you put things into perspective. For me the time I feel the best is when I am being creative. I love to be busy because if I am not then I will go stir crazy. I have to acknowledge as much as I love being creative and busy, that I must also take breaks to balance myself out. This step is all about being self aware and just taking a moment to take that into account. For me being self aware means mediation and also journaling. I know sometimes it seems like WHY do I need to do this?! When I sit down and give my mind a little piece and quiet I am all centered. No one wants to see me when I am going crazy Kristy. LOL I also do not beat myself up if I can not get to mediation or journal. SO don’t pressure yourself if this doesn’t happen everyday. I think of this step as getting out of my own way because if I am upset about a fight with my mom or someone pissing me off, then how am I supposed to get the rest of my shit done?

3. What is your purpose? This is something I think about A LOT! WTF am I doing here? I believe that I am here to help others and share my knowledge. I also here to connect with people and share joy. If I am doing something that does not align with that then I can not do it. Even my weekend job helps me do all of those things. I am able to give confidence and knowledge to women, while pulling in my creativity. It is fucking hard to sit down and figure out exactly what you want and maybe your purpose might change. This takes believing in yourself and building the bridge of trust. You have to trust yourself and have that love for yourself.

My goals:

I think when you have been super open and honest with yourself then I think it is time to set goals. These might be long term or short term goals. They can be materialic, be spiritual, whatever your heart desires little beeb. I also separate mine by category and I am going to print them out so I can put them into my planner. This makes it so that I can cross them off and once I am done with them I can work towards something else for the rest of the year.


1. Work out five days a week with my trainer and then if I am on vacation still make my health a priority by working out.

2. Stop getting Gluten. Dammit this one might kill me. I love bread, I love crackers, but I love feeling good and it kills my stomach. I finally went to my doctor who said I am sensitive so I will keep you updated on the best Gluten Free products.


KCM Blog

1. Gain 35,000 followers on IG. This may seem stupid because I know that this is just a number, but I want to go officially full time blogging! This leads me to the next goal that I have.

2. Go full time blogging. I have a set amount of money that I want to make per month, which I will need to continue working weekends. That Is okay, but by the end of next year I want to quit that job and start making money completely full time blogging. High goals this year!

3. 14,000 likes and follows on Facebook. I know we are talking numbers, but it is important for my job people!

4. Post at least once a week on the blog. It just needs to happen for me to push content on that people can use and to get the traffic I need to my blog. SO MAMAS gotta put in the work, plus I know you guys like to see it.

5. Become a big girl and manage my $$$ situation. My mom bought me a budget book and I need to get to using that. I need to also learn quickbooks. YIKES!

Blooming Bloggers:

1. As you guys know I started a company, which is a tad crazy because I have not graduated college yet! We still have to get some goals though! For our Instagram I want us to get a 1,000 followers by the end of year.

2. I want to launch an E course so that we can share information with more people and make passive income. I would love to have this done by June.

3. Launch Merchandise. I know this will not be a huge money maker, but I want to have some fun jackets that I am proud of.

4. Have set contracts with five companies a month. I hope to have this goals by end of summer because I know it will be a little crazy with finishing up school so I am giving myself a little time to get this one done.

5. I would love to move our company outside of Portland after we establish a amazing community outside of #pdx.


1. Not give relationships attention that are not beneficial. This means guys, friends, or family. If something is toxic to just walk away from it.

2. To stop settling. I have settled with SO many guys and I do not mean looks, but their goals. I want to be single and just take the time to love this point of my life. I want to just live in the moment and let whatever is going to happen just happen.

3. Graduate from OSU. I have three classes left before I am officially graduated! Holly shit.

This year is going to be wild. I am so proud of the community I am creating and the people that are around me. Freaking crazy what 365 days can do. You guys go out there and KILL IT. I will link some of my favorite planners and budget books.

Planners: (click link here)

Budget book : ( click link here )