• Kristy McInnis


Legit I wanna move here. I mean it is such an amazing city and it makes me get butterflies going here. I actually came here a few years ago and it is crazy how much things can change. We stayed in the exact same hotel and it was drastically different then! I went with two fellow bloggers to grow our network out there and also wanted to travel. We had so much freaking fun! We were there four days and I wish we could have stayed longer. I will share some highlights from our trip!

The Westin Grand:

I can not stress how amazing the staff was. They truly made this the most enjoyable experience with a hotel I have ever had. They were beyond wonderful. From Lisa who helped us with recommendations and we chatted with her everyday coming in the hotel. She even talked to us about hangover remedies with this bacon and carrot recipe. Then sent us up the recipe with real maple syrup. Like extremely thoughtful and we felt so special. We worked with Jeff who was so freaking fun! Literally one night we tried everything on their appetizer list and just shared stories. He introduced me to a "ceaser", which might be my new favorite drink ever. It is like a bloody mary that has a Canada twist with oyster juice and no acidy. I know it sounds freaking wild, but it was amazing! We loved this spicy chicken and then they had a wonderful spin on a caprese salad. I can not remember the actual name on it, but we could not get enough of it. From the door man downstairs to the cleaning lady, I literally have never worked with such a happy group of people that were so friendly and accommodating.

Vancouver Fashion Week:

We had so much meeting the social media manager for fashion week and even a local designer, Lyndsey Jackson. We got to be in her documentary and even try on the clothing. She is producing something for how she makes the clothing and her inspiration behind all of it. My favorite thing was how she based it off of imperfections and how none of her pieces are perfect. That really spoke to me and we got to dive into how she actually produces product. She dove into struggles and her goals for the line. We are planning on coming back in March. I can not wait to see all of it come to life and see the final product. This is a great place for a staycation because it is in the heart of downtown. We literally walked to everything.

Earls kitchen and bar :

We partnered with Earls kitchen and bar. I wanted to see people's thoughts about it before we went and all of the locals loved it. I had zero idea it is actually in the United States as well. All of their locations are different and the interior design reminded of so much or Besaws that is in Portland. They had the most amazing event space up stairs that we got to tour and their attention to detail was next level. Like everything was beautiful inside. The food was 100% worth going back for. We loved the coffee cake that was drizzled with caramel sauce and hot fudge. Then they had this Ahi tuna poke bowl that was freaking amazing. They used this cream sauce throughout the dish and normally I hate seaweed, but they shredded it into small little pieces that added the perfect amount of crunch. The manager Jesse and our waiter were so fun. We had a blast with them and we really got to know our waiter. He was super into videography and so is Jesse so they totally hit it off.

Little White House:

This place I wouldn't mind moving in or if they just wanted to adopt me instead that would be cool to. LOL It is a daughter and mom team that has created the most adorable store and restaurant combo. They set us up with a beautiful high tea and I had this merang with white chocolate and fresh rose petals. I would literally fly back to Vancouver just for that. I wish they were closer because you guys would actually die. Everything was black, white, and blush. Their decorating abilities are next level. I did some stalking and found the mother of the stores home. You would not believe how pristine it is. I was scared I was going to ruin something while I was there because it was so perfect. Every room had a certain theme and they had everything from kitchen supplies to the most amazing coats. They gifted us each a coat and I am going to probably be living in mine. It was about a 50 minute drive, but SO worth it.

Glow by Georgia:

See this tan bod? This is courtesy from Georgia who is an adorable business owner in Portland, Oregon. She owns Glow by Georgina and has a mobile airbrush system so yes that means she comes to your house. So you get the comfort of staying in your home and she does such a wonderful job. She was so freaking cute and we had so much fun. I felt like by the end of the session we were literally BBFS. She ended up spraying my parents and we just booked another appointment because she is THAT good. Being comfortable with the person with someone you are working with in an intimate setting. She was so professional and so fun! You can feel how real she is and how genuine she is. SO IMPORTANT.