• Kristy McInnis


I want to take a moment to say this post is not a pity post, but more of a warning. If you like unprofessional service, four delayed flights, and to get hung up on/ lied to Air Canada is the perfect airline service for you. Match made in heaven.

I use the blog to talk about things I love, but also give you reviews on a variety of things. Flights and airlines being one of them. I am a firm believer that you should always be respectful to everyone, but especially people in the service industry. They deal with a variety of people and working with the public is very hard. That being said as an airline you should know that customer service is key and sets you apart from other airlines. When I worked with Alaska when I had an issue they hopped right on it apologized and refunded me the money. As they should have and have wonderful customer service. Air Canada should start taking notes.

So this was wonderful they actually only have two staff members going at the same time and leave the front desk for two hour chunks. So actually NO ONE will help you while you wait. They leave right at 6 am and don't let anyone know ahead of time and it is not posted anywhere. No email no nothing. So being 5 minutes after 6 we now had to miss our flight. Two hours because they have no one who comes back until that end of time. So during this period of two hours we call 10 times and wait for over an hour to get a hold of their "customer service" line that happened to actually lie to us. She recommended that we go with our 50 pound bags that needed to be checked in through security. Her name was Caitlyn at Air Canada in case you ever call. Caitlyn has clearly has never been to an airport because we can not bring bags with shampoo bottles through security.

She first quoted us $150 for a change booking fee. Then put us on hold and said she misquoted us and it was actually $240. Then put us on hold for 25 minutes after she got extremely aggressive. They recorded the conversation so they can go play it back and should be embarrassed as a company. She then told us it would be taken care of and we got an email we had been re-booked on the next flight. We got to the counter after an hour of waiting to find out she actually never booked us. She has only sent the email.

We had the service person behind the desk look at the notes. Caitlyn actually said we hung up on her which was incorrect. She hung up on us.

To top it off we finally got tickets to have our flight delayed four times.

Overall the worst customer service and I would never use them. Lying? Hanging up on a customer ? Hoping they would hang up after 25 minutes?