• Kristy McInnis


Ever feel like no one talks about the tough parts of business? No one really dives in deep about those pitfalls and those moments where you put everything you have on the line. Have you ever backed a project and been so excited, but it failed? Were you embarrassed? (Head nod)

If that sounds familiar then we are right with you. Blooming Bloggers created blooming into bravery so that we could talk about those moments. The failure. The risk-taking. Those rough moments where you feel like you are alone. We have all been there and in regards to failure, we will all hopefully fail again. I think everyone should fail as much as possible because when you do, you are able to grow. You are able to bloom into the person you want to become. Embracing those failures and sharing them takes bravery.

At our event we were able to dive into those. I talked about how I let people made fun of my blogging passion in high school and I did stop myself because I was scared. I was scared to put myself out there for everyone to judge me. Then I realized how they were going to judge me anyway so why the hell not? Why not just try? So I did. After I pushed down those voices and I chose to do it for me. I have been able to talk about my disability and share so much with you guys as a result. Most everyone that is close in my life has been because of some form of social media. Because one of us put ourselves out there. It's scary, but those brave moments change you. They shape you.

There are so many different forms of bravery and all various levels. All different depths. I was able to hear from people who got credit loans to fail in their business, but had the bravery to start another business. Another blogger talked about how she is scared that she doesn't have a niche or that she could make an impact. Truthfully everyone has an impact on someone. Via social media, family, friends, followers, and to strangers. How you treat others, what you buy, or what you say has an impact on someone, even if they subconsciously don't know it. Throughout this process we were able to work with such amazing companies and individuals that I want to highlight.

Vent :

The owner or Vent provided a spot for us to be able to meet at and also showcase her jewelry. We choose to have her as a speaker because she was able to bring to the table a fresh set of eyes that owns a sought after retail space off of Division in Portland. Being able to take that jump and open her shop with a silent investor takes guts and being able to hear her story brought a different viewpoint to the table.

Johnston Style:

I mean if you know Amy then you know exactly why we love her. She goes above and beyond for any of her friends. She owns a amazing brick and mortar off of sunnyside in Happy Valley in Oregon. She has the attention to detail that you can feel as she sets up her stations at every event. She takes into account the things that make a normal party then out does them by a landslide. We had a black and white theme were she created these amazing hand crafted cookies. They were ALMOST too pretty to eat, but I had to have them. Then she brought oreo candy cans (like who knew they even made these?) and jars filled with black and white candy. She is the type of woman who would go up to bat for you in any situation and you could call her at 2 am with any problem. I am so lucky to get to work with her creative eye and talent.

Smirk Photo booth:

This is a local photo booth company that is very well known! I actually met the owner at a conference I spoke at and she is seriously so amazing. She started this a few years ago and has now hired people to her team. Those glitter black sparkle backdrops are next level!! She just released a selfie station that she featured at the event that does single photos, boomerangs, and GIFs. They are sent either to email or phone and you can post them right away! I mean how convenient is that?! The selfie station is so easy to put up and is perfect for your next party or event. Within about five minutes it was all set up and super quick take down.

Klaxon Productions:

Okay CJ is the man. You guys have to work with him on your next project or anything with video! He actually also takes pictures and does a fantastic job. We have worked with him to create content for local companies and showcase the latest blooming blogger content. We are blessed to be able to use his creative eye and he grabs this story telling aspect that is needed when you are creating video content. He just moved here from Southern California and is building a network in Portland. He has been working on a side project called Hi Life, which is a CBD event that incorporates yoga. I was able to work with them for an opening event and help get them some content for the company. He has a fantastic eye, but also overall such a great person. Having to work with someone for longer period of time especially with video you want to be comfortable with them and he makes everyone in the project feel special! (The photography below is Klaxon Productions material.)

Little Fox Photography:

My girl Shauna! Okay I think she is amazing, but I am a little bias because I know her beautiful soul. She treats all of her clients with so much respect and really cares about them. I work with a lot of bloggers in Portland that have used her. They have nothing, but wonderful things to say. That is crazy especially many bloggers are HIGH maintenance and she is able to handle it with such grace. She recently just started doing a subscription service, which is freaking genius. She has a monthly fee that is extremely low priced for her talent. She has so much background in photography and is just a joy. She makes her clients feel comfortable and I really could go on and on about how much I love her! (The pictures featured are Little Fox photography besides the section underneath Klaxon Productions)

Sunglass LA:

I started working with the company about a year and a half ago. This is such an affordable place for sunglasses. I know all my babes who are ballin on a budget and this is such a good company. They are pretty much all under $20 dollars and have the cutest style of glasses. They are so darn cute! I am so happy we were able to hook up all of our babes for Blooming into Bravery with some shades.


I love eye patches. Lets get rid of some puffy under eyes and send those bags out the door. See what I did there. LOL, okay bad joke, but made me laugh. These are actually fantastic and I have worn them multiple times. They work so well and I just the extra serum actually all over my face or lips. I let them sit for about five minutes and will just do them right before bed to let the serum soak in. They are perfect for stocking stuffers as well.

Loves Hovel:

Did you see the amazing platter she made? That is WILD. I mean it is so beautiful and she does it so effortlessly. She has such a down to earth vibe and was really just so sweet when we met her. The food was so tasty, but also so amazing. She created a platter with all different types of goodies like cheese with hummus and vegetables. If she could cook for me everyday I would not be opposed… just saying! She presented everything with so much color and it was section beautifully. She told me it actually does not take her very long to create these platters because she has had so much practice. She is in Portland Oregon and would be perfect for a housewarming party or even a wedding. I think it is so hard to make these look good and she nailed it. Her instagram is stunning so you have to go check her out.

Union Wine:

This company is local in Portland and I was actually able to go visit the office. I have had the rose in the past and it was freaking wonderful from a can. I mean they are two servings per can so it stops me from wanting to drink a whole bottle. LOL it is that good! I even saw them in place in LA and I think it is freaking amazing when that happens. I love supporting local companies and seeing them grow is incredible. This company's products are not only adorable, but speak for themselves. You have to go try!

Thank you to everyone who is involved we could not do this without you!