• Kristy McInnis


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Monochromatic looks are everywhere right. I mean everywhere. Gigi Hadid, to even my mom who happens to have amazing fashion sense (if i do say so myself,) has started rocking it. Jumping on that trend is tricky with incorporating an athletsure touch, but I am here to give you all the tips and tricks. You have to have everything in the same color family and correct tones to make it a complete look. Shoes are the key. Re-read that. Shoes KEY.

For those of you who maybe new to the monochromatic world that means that you will wear separates of one color that could have different textures and/or similar shades of that color. This creates an overall tonal look. What I love about this is everyone looks freaking fab when they wear monochromatic. You up the glam factor to about a million if done properly. When you are able to grab pieces with the same undertone I think it is way more striking then even a pop of color or vivid pattern.

Don't go buy everything new:

Yes you read that right. I am saying lets take a peak in that closet with all the goodies you already HAVE. I love mixing the old with the new. I mean hey we work with the gals balling on a budget! This is why you don't need to go out and splurge on $800 to get a complete look. You can mix or match the clothing you already have. If this is something super new for you then start out with nude tones. You can pair a nude jacket that has a blush undertone with a fuzzy blush sweater, some comfy cream pants, and nude ultraBOOSTS from Adidas.

The shoes make or break the look:

I mean lets be real the shoes make this. Have you ever seen someone with a killer outfit and gase down at the shoes... Then they are totally off? The whole look is thrown off. That would be my advice, to splurge on one key item that is versatile. For me, that means ultraBOOST from Finish Line. They are super versatile for not only monochromatic looks, but also the gym (which we love) . HELLO multipurpose pieces are the way to go. They come in so many colors so you can choose between nude, black (i went with black,) white... I mean they have the whole darn color wheel on there.

Layering :

Okay no matter your shape or size you can totally pull this off and look chic AF. Do not be afraid to experiment with it because it always looks sharp. Adding depth and dimension with doing this look is a way to highlight or even downplay parts of your body. If you want to highlight your legs you can wear a light shade of pants to show off those fabulous legs, but then wear a shade darker on the upper half on your body. On the opposite end of the spectrum if you want your face to be the highlight of the show then you could wear a few shades darker of a pant option. Then a lighter jacket and even lighter sweater or blouse. Gradually moving the eye up and working your way up with a light and bright variation in that specific color family. If you aren't sold yet on monochromatic take a moment to think about this: your outfit should not have any breaks and should be a continuous line from your head all the way down to your feet. This elongates your figure and makes you look longer, but also leaner.

I mean from a winter white look to natural tones there is no reason you can not try this out once you find the perfect shoe to tie it all together! From past fashion seasons this is one of the trendiest, but also cost effective way to strut your stuff. I mean you all need a little monochromatic action in your life. To pick out my shoes staple head to this link and grab your pair from #Finish Line so you can have that complete look. Send me any messages or questions. I'm always here to help! Love you all my BBs!


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