• Kristy McInnis


Sleep is your saving grace so without it we are tired, sluggish, grumpy ( raises hand ) and probably not on our A game. So I have three things I have been obsessed with that have really helped me. This post is not sponsored at all, but I literally use these all the time and I'm obsessed with them. When I love products I won't shut up about them and I feel like when I get sent products by tons of companies I am essentially a human guinea pig. Trust me I LITERALLY love it. I want to know how to stay younger, create good habits and share my tips and tricks with you guys.

1. CBD oil

Okay I know some of you are super skeptical. It is legal in Oregon and can't remember how many other states by now, but it works. I have some next to my bed at school and also at home. I HATE anything that smells, tastes, and even think the weed leaf is tacky ( sue me ). But I have tried all of it and depending on what you buy! Reading the label and research is key here because everyone's might be different depending on the brand. I mix mine into a little bit of hot water with fresh squeezed lemon and if needed honey. Zero taste. I could not drink it if you could taste it and it doesn't show up on a drug test! It does not give you that high I need to go to hospital because I just had an edible feeling. It's just a super calm feeling that makes you feel relaxed after a hard day. I recommend this brand, but have tried a few and this is my favorite.

2. Rose or Lavender oil :

Put this everywhere. I'm talking diffuser, when you wash your sheets, on your temples, and pillow people. This makes me feel so Zen. I normally have my diffuser in my bathroom, but you can move it right next to your bed and turn it on while you are doing your nightly routine! A good 20 minutes and this just is a lifesaver. Trust me! You can also drop a little bit on your sheets with your normal laundry detergent. Do NOT put this directly on your sheets (made that mistake for you already and because it's oil it left a huge stain ) ! Another fab trick is using this directly on your skin. I will put this on my hands, a little in the bath, or directly on my temples to just have some extra strength.

3. Sleep Oily Vitamins:

These are my jam. Those nights you wake up at 2 am and have a full packed day. You need all the sleep you can get, which is why I just keep them in my bedside table. I have tried straight melatonin and it does nothing for me. I have chatted with some other bloggers about this and we all agree how fabulous this works. It's only two vitamins and you just take them when you need them. Mine seem to work pretty quickly so I notice myself getting tired in probably 20 minutes. Talk about ingredients-

Sleep is so important, it helps with our stress levels, awareness, competence. They even say that lack of sleep is comparable to drunk driving because you are not functioning at your highest levels. This is why you need need need to take care of yourselves. We sleep for a huge majority of our lives, which is why we need to take it seriously and if there is an issue to get on top of it. Also this is hard I'm talking I'm not super good at doing it, but putting away the phone before bedtime is a serious life savor. Crazy how just 30 minutes before bed and you are in a calmer state. I hope these tips with CBD oil, rose or Lavender oil, and some oily vitamins will put your sleep schedule right back on track.