• Kristy McInnis


My parents are literally livid when I wipe my makeup on towels when washing my face. Let me tell you.. I like a heavier coverage foundation and sometimes I have to use like 2 entire makeup wipes to get it off. I hate using my clarisonic to get my makeup of because I feel like the bacteria just sits on there after. That to me is just gross and seems counterproductive to then let it just sit there. I was super skeptical of oil cleansing when I first heard of it. Like how the hell does oil remove oil on your face ?

So I had to do some research. Even though it is trendy right now it has actual been on the market for a super long time! I know weird how products and technologies come like full circle. The background on this is that it was actually an ancient Japanese beauty ritual.

Essentially what you do is use both hands to massage a combination of pure, natural oils for dry skin. I love facial massage so I take this time to really massage all over my face and then let it set for a few minutes. I have eyelash extensions so you have to be careful with that. Stay above your brows and you can do your under eye area, but be super careful. This process will gently cleanse it and dissolves makeup as well as impurities! So many of you have messaged me since I have posted about this and said how obsessed with it you are. Someone even told me to add some essentials oils to the oil cleanser . I mean why didn't I think of that? Freaking brilliant if I do say so myself.

The major difference I notice is really how it picks up the makeup off of your face and I have zero need to actually use a makeup wipe. I also can feel a difference in my skin because the oil is so hydrating. I even use it down my neck. A huge part of skincare that everyone forgets to exfoliate, cleanse, and use serums on is the neck, chest, and hands. Hands show some of the most aging. I have now been using DHC skincare for about four weeks since I posted on IG. I think using a product for a week does not have enough results to talk about and you need a solid amount of time. I think the three to four week mark is when you get obsessed with something and you can really see the improvements on your skin. I mean I don't ask for much (LOL), but my skincare routine needs to be top notch. We can not be having makeup filled towels and clogged pores. It's just not an option!

So here is a list of benefits of oil cleansing if I haven't already swayed you enough straight from my favorite oil cleansing brand DHC Skincare:

"Its botanical formulation features antioxidant-rich organic olive oil to soften and protect against free radical damage, and rosemary leaf oil to invigorate and refresh. Also works great as a brush cleaner."