• Kristy McInnis


I have been dying to try this. I have seen it online everywhere and had to get the inside scoop on pricing, the difference in skincare techniques, and HAD to go try it myself! I will be posting the video from the experience on my Instagram story so make sure to check that out. Now, lets give a warm welcome to my new gal pal and skincare expert!

My name is Colleen, and I am the owner of Hidden Trails Skincare! I have been an esthetician for almost 5 years, and decided to start my own little business in February 2017. Lacy joined Hidden Trails earlier this year, and it's been us 2 ever since! Together we provide advanced skincare and lash services!

1. What is Dermaplaning exactly and how did you start doing it?

Dermaplaning is an advanced technique of exfoliation of the skin using a special surgical blade. The blade simply glides over the skin removing dead skin cells, as well as peach fuzz! I had been doing a lot of microdermabrasion, and wanted to add a new technique to my bag of tricks!

2. What is the difference between microdermabrasion and dermaplaning? I have now done both, but what to show what a clear difference there is!

Dermaplaning and Microdermabrasion are both exfoliation methods, but are done differently. Microderm is done with a machine either through a diamond tip or a glass hand piece with crystals that flow through. Dermaplaning is done manually with a surgical scalpel blade.

3. So what is the process of Dermaplaning can you walk the readers through start to finish?

So we start off by cleansing the skin and prepping the skin with an aha/bha solution to dry up excess oil. We can then either dermaplane with a light oil if we feel the skin would benefit or we simply dermaplane dry. We then work our way and glide our blade over the skin several times until we complete the whole face taking dead skin and peach fuzz with us. We then reveal a glowing freshly exfoliated face!

4. Who exactly should get it done? Is there criteria for someone who you wouldn't do it on?

Anyone wanting smooth radiant skin with improved makeup application is a candidate, however if someone has active cystic acne or is exceptionally sensitive might want to avoid the treatment.

5. Give us the low down on cost, how long it takes, and what are the benefits?

A simple dermaplaning treatment takes about 45 minutes for $79, but we also offer a full facial version for $125.

6. I have not personally heard of any side effects, but are there any? For someone who wants to get it done just so they know what could potentially happen?

Whenever anyone tries a new treatment there is the possibility of purging or breaking out, but it typically can be avoided with a little bit of blue light LED following the treatment, and of course this is not true for everyone. We typically include the LED as part of the dermaplaning treatment, however most people are fine with no side effects except glowing skin!

7. How often should you get it done?

You can get dermaplaning done as part of your monthly skincare routine or anytime you want to look exceptionally radiant for an event or special occasion.

8. Your personal advice about the overall process or anything that is surprising about the treatment?

Dermaplaning is great to do in combination with our hydro refining treatment for an exceptionally fresh, plump and hydrated look! When your skin is well exfoliated optimal product penetration can be achieved either through the hydro treatment or a hydrating mask as well! I have had several clients who prefer dermaplaning over microdermabrasion, and that is not surprising given the beautiful results it provides!

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