• Kristy McInnis


Talk about a packed trip. Good god we packed like 80 things into only a few days, but SO freaking worth it. I thrive on being busy and having the ability to connect with people that are like minded makes my world go round. I was able to come with my photographer friend, Shuana. Who is the one responsible for capturing all these cute pictures and runs @littlephotofox on IG. My other partner in crime for the trip was Ambrosia Carey, who was just awful to be with (LOL totally kidding I love her!) and did my hair a few times over the course of the trip. Those bubble braids in my recent IG picture? Yep that’s little Ambrosia’s work and she runs a salon in Portland called Auric salon. Follow her @ambrosiacarey and yes I pimp my friends platforms as a form of love. SO FOLLOW THEM!

Where we stayed :

Hotel Adeline was freaking fabulous. Nothing I love more than walking out my door and have 20 places already set up for Instagram pictures. Aesthetics are VERY important to me and clearly the rest of the world. The details like the hints of teal all around the hotel was just an added touch. My room card matches all the teal décor in the bathroom and the hotel pool towels, so just those little touches pull everything together. Plus the light up WTF sign was a stand out attraction( it means where’s the fun so settle yourself before you head to yelp yelling that your kid saw WTF). Not to mention they have the cutest breakfast spot and bar! They also have a whiskey lounge, which is what I would call boyfriend/husband daycare. You just drop them off and you are free to go take cute pictures with your BFF around the hotel.

From the time we walked in the staff was so accommodating! I’m talking the sent Chandon and hummus to the room right after we arrived for doing coverage for the hotel. We got free overnight parking for our rental car and free waters upon arrival (this literally never happens). They had pool parties on Saturday and Sunday with a DJ that was free for guests to come too! We got a little of the party action on Saturday and it was such a fun atmosphere. I will 10,000% be back and I almost never say that about hotels. I would be excited to go back here for another trip.

What we did :

We attended a few events while in town that kept us busy and gave us great networking opportunities.

Our first event was beats and brunch, which I have seen other cities do this- just never attended myself. It was two huge rooms with all different brunch vendors. I am not sure about you, but brunch is hands down my favorite meal. They had Eggslut… so right there I couldn’t have been more happy... well until I saw the bathtub full of glitter and ballons. Just a thought wouldn’t it be pretty fabulous to make that mandatory for all my baths to be filled with champagne bottles and confetti potters (we can all dream right??). So this was essentially a event for babes who want to get some cute pictures and love 20 different brunch options right at their fingertips. I mean points for creativity they had the DJ in a huge milk cartoon inspired booth and big tires painted to look like donuts.

Powerhouse women’s event was next up and we had a ball. We had to come about half way through the event because we had a shoot with a local photographer, Jessica who captured some great pictures of me and Shuana. The event was for women who want to grow their business and really dive into what platforms they need to use. They had different panels with bloggers, photographers, fitness professionals, and a range of women (+1 man ) to bring insight to their direct field. I am going to dive WAY deeper into this in another post with Lindsey the founder of the event and really get some tips for you guys who couldn’t attend.

Horseshoe bend was eight hours total for driving so we obviously just ubered up there. TOTALLY kidding we rented a car for the day and just made it a girls bonding day. The drive was stunning although we were all pretty hungover from the night before, but we made the best of it. We talked about so much during the drive, which really brought us all closer together. We dug deep into what we want to change about ourselves and (we aren’t talking about the physical things here) I really believe that saying what your personal goals out loud has a different effect. It feels more permanent and then you have those people to hold you accountable for making those ideas or changes into motion. I really talked about how I want to create a platform that raises women up and become someone you can all relate to. That no matter how glamorous the pictures, events, products- that you can see that I’m just an average gal. That can hopefully help you gain something in the process of following me, whatever that might be.

Back to the hike. It was not that bad, but I would recommend bringing water it is HOT as hell and its only about a mile and a half round trip. We were in maxi dresses and Nike’s. So please picture three girls all done up for this hike, climbing over rocks to get the perfect pictures. Next time I will were a go pro so you can see how hilarious everyone staring at us was. The view was insane! And there was like 500 people trying to get pictures so we made an effort to find an exclusive area to be. I could not believe it was that busy every single day. INSANE.

Where we ate/drank:

Farm + Craft:

This is in the art district in Scottsdale and it is so adorable. The staff was fantastic and our little blonde waitress was the sweetest! We got a free hummus plate from just looking on yelp for good restaurants around the area, which I had zero idea was even an option! The Mac and Cheese was to die for and I will probably have dreams about. We also had kombucha cocktails with cucumber and I was down right obsessed with those.


This is a cute small restaurant that looks like it came straight out of the Hampton's. I am talking an upscale and beach vibe. We walked right in to a champagne truck by the front door so this is a great place for a cocktail. I got a Moscow mule, which has been my go to drink lately. We started as a group with the deviled eggs that were dusted in bacon with a side salad. Like YUM. Then Ambrosia had a ahi poke salad that looked like it was straight out of the food network.

Whiskey Row:

We came. We saw. You should go if you want to party. Enough said.

Hotel Adeline:

Okay I know that this is where we stayed, but the food was insane! They had these vegetable nachos with roasted brussels sprouts and a crème drizzle. Next up they have a one of a kind brunch. I am a huge avocado toast gal and this came with like four pieces of toast, which is unheard of! They topped the toast with these very fresh and ripe tomatoes that were perfect. Finishing off breakfast we had a balsamic French toast with homemade whip crème and local berries.

This trip was hands down something I will remember for years to come! Thanks for hearing all about my Scottsdale endeavors, if you go to any of these places let me know your thoughts!!