• Kristy McInnis


You guys literally message me almost daily about this. Everyone is like ‘give my the details’ and it is so damn long I can't even tell you it all in an IG message. So we had to do a full post breakdown to really get into the details. I know you all love details! I always edit my pictures in a dark room to get all the correct lighting and will legit turn off my lights or close my blinds. I want a DARK room.

1. Always a camera :

I am such a stickler for this. So many girls on IG can roll with the iPhone pictures and I am just a girl who loves quality. I want a crisp image that is smooth and looks like it could be an #ad. I am marketing myself and in any job you always want to put your best foot forward so I always go with a camera. Just plain and simple. I personally use a D3330 and I love it. With that being said I do work with a variety of photographers whos cameras range.

2. Ask for raw images:

Some photographers are literally going to kill me for saying this, but if they won't send you the raw images to use in Lightroom then ask for a light edit. This means they do a little magic with contrast, brightness, maybe go in with a little Facetune action to brighten up the eyes. Then send to me.



3. Buy presets OR MAKE YOUR OWN! :

Personally I have made a bought a variety of presets to fit my style. I prefer more muted whites, with some warmer undertones, and almost zero shadows. You can find these online for free, but seriously I would appreciate if someone made one website with all of the bloggers presets so they could be seen in one place! Just an idea, but please someone run with it because all of Instagram would be thankful.

4. Lightroom Breakdown:

Where the magic happens. Yes they charge you for it, but it's SO worth it. Spend your money where you need it. TRUST ME!! I upload my presets in here and it is super easy. I have four different I use so one if for sunlight, one is when it's dark, one is called city for a super light background, and the other is dreamy so it really pulls out the blue tones. There are zero pictures I put in here that looks perfect when I throw a preset on here. Most of these look super orange so you go into colors and adjust the orange. I always turn down the saturation and then lighten it a few notches that way it fits the picture and I don't look photoshopped in. I will also now increase the saturation with the green and make it a little more blue in most of my pictures. You can adjust this my looking at the tones. A huge helper I do is put the original and the edited version side by side. You want to mimic what the original is doing and not go to crazy here. I will also turn down the grain to zero. I literally die when someone has hired a photographer, spend forever editing then has a grainy ass picture. I legit cringe! So NO GRIAN to me. I will then turn up the lumance to around 25 and turn up the sharpness. Then depending on the lighting situation we have here I turn up the brightness or even sometimes turn it down. I will also turn down the shadows so that there is less darkness in the pictures. I like a light picture! **key tip : if you are working on the same set of photographs you can copy and paste your edits so that they all match! You would die if you figured out how long that took me to figure out. MAJOR TIME SAVER.

Import to phone:


This is when we get down to the nitty gritty. I put it in my phone and put it in my planning app for Instagram and if sometime looks a little off I will put it into snapseed. Just to do minimal fixing. Maybe add a little more brightness or saturation.


Seriously don't lie, I know you use it to. Everyone is so ashamed to say then use it, when now it is like going to the gas station... it's that common! This is for tweaks and enhancements. We will lightly brighten the eyes and teeth with the whitening tool. This is not a Crest commercial so calm down with this. LOL Less is more! ***HUGE TIP here I use the whitening tool as a highlighter to really add the glow. I'm talking just a little SWIPE over the top of the cheekbones for a little pop, on the bridge of the nose, Cupids bow, and then in the arch of the eyebrows. Now we smooth! I'm talking some lightly smoothing some fly away hairs, maybe that bruise from a drunk fall, you name it and smooth does it. The issue here is everyone goes too far and looks like a plastic doll. You have skin and you don't need to look perfect, but adjusting a photo is totally okay. It's your damn picture! Just make sure it looks like you. Then lastly we do details. The detail feature is your best friend. Use it over certain details of your outfit ( I totally do it for jewelry or a certain print I want to pop!). This is like major!!! So I use it for eyes and details. If you need to do a little nip or tuck with the adjustment tool make sure there aren't any curvy lines in the back of your pictures!

Recap because so much info:

- import presets

- adjust color setting:

Turn down Orange

Change greens to have a blue tint

- have OG picture and new side by side

- ZERO grain

- add lumance to 25

- add sharpness

- turn up/down brightness

- take out shadows/ darkness ( we love a good clean photo)

- if same group of pictures use copy and paste

- Import to phone use snapseed for minor adjustments

- Facetune:



Details- eyes/prints jewelry

Smoothing- lightly going over problem areas for me this is my neck (worst lines ever !!)

Nip and tuck - everyone needs a little nip or tuck now and then. Nothing to be ashamed of! Just make sure it looks like you. Less is always more.



This was such a highly requested post. I hope it was everything you guys needed! I will link the apps and if you have more questions or need a follow up post don't hesitate to ask !