• Kristy McInnis


You all know I tan all the time. I am literally Casper all year long and I blame my genetics for this. Literally I am Irish and Scottish (whitest combination possible ). That does not mean that we should not be tan! I think having a tan makes your clothes look better, your muscles more defined, and you feel better. I feel literally like a new person and I get to wear less makeup. You feel more confident so why would you not want a little color?? Especially in the summer. The key to having and keeping a good tan is the prep behind it. It doesn't matter if you are getting a spray tan (violet undertones please) or doing it at home, these tips work well for both options.

1. Exfoliation-pre care:

I want to thank my microfiber towel for all it has endured. This removes the tanner that is harder to get off or has gotten patchy. For me my worst places are my neck lines (literally hate them) and my chest. Mine also seem to not want to come off the little area of skin that all of us women hate that sticks out by our armpit. I use this microfiber towel all over the entire body and really focus on these spots. Tanner tends to connect and stay on dryer parts of the body such as elbows or around your joints or ankles. Another great option is a scrub. My process for tanning is to shave everywhere first then use a scrub, and lastly use a microfiber towel. That seems to work the best for me and it is so obvious when I haven't don't these steps. My tan does not last as long and it looks patchy. This is also when you want to get a pedicure and manicure because the alcohol in the nail polish remover will take off any tan you have.

I recommend buying this towel

This exfoliate for face-for body

My razors

2. Day of :

I literally hate to put any tanner on my face, but if I do then I exfoliate like it's my full time job. When you have microblading and eyelash extensions like I do you have to be super careful when getting airbrush or spray tans. At home you have more control of how much gets on your face. At a salon ask for a light mist, but make sure to consult the people doing your services. For my eyebrows I had to wait two weeks and for my eyelashes they said three days. So make sure to ask before hand because you can risk infection. Use a barrier cream at your spray place. For precautionary measures I put it on my hands, elbows, bottoms of feet, finger/toe nails, and also in my eyebrows. When you pay for microblading you want it to be last and not get an orange under one pigment in your eyebrows! Nobody got time for that. Wear light clothing such as a jumpsuit or flowy track suit that way nothing is clinging to you for lines. Sometimes the solution at the airbrush salon will have an indicator that just showers off and may get some creasing such as my neck issue.

For at home tanning I stand on a towel and almost always use my hands to rub it in. I don't think you get as good of control when you use a mit and many times it has little fuzzes that it will leave on your skin when it's brand new. The key is to stand in good lighting. Make sure it is even light and you are not in a dark bathroom (past experience!!!) Then I start from the neck down that way I work my way down to my ankles. Sometimes I ask a friend or my mom for help to get the hard to reach places on my back. Then you want to rub the moose, lotion, or tanning product in efficiently. Do not over pump because a lot of times there is to much product. I use one pump per area, rub it in, then use more if needed. That way I focus on one section of the body at one time. I personally like to do this before plane rides, I go to bed, or need to take a long car drive. That way it is all taken care of and I don't have to worry about it.

3. Post care :

This is just as important as the first step of exfoliating properly. Your post care is SUPER important. You need to moisturize your entire body morning and night. Keeping the skin hydrated helps with flakeyness and the longevity of your tan as a whole. When I start to see a part that is getting patchy after a few days I will lightly use my microfiber towel in that area. Being gentle is the key to this step and depending on how well your tan stays it can last up to two weeks. Mine normally lasts a solid 5-7 days with having a tight sports bra.

Tanning for me is a need!! I love it and really don't see myself stopping anytime soon. The only way I can keep myself out of the sun and protect my skin is by using self tanner. I know so many of you requested this! So I hope this does help and if you have any more tanning questions feel free to hit me up.



Photography by: Taira Marie