• Kristy McInnis


I really started getting into cooking in college, when I had my own space and the time to make meals. I have heard from people that they feel bad only cooking for “one person” when they are not in a relationship, but for me cooking alone or with a partner it always brings me joy. It’s a time to bond with that other person or even just yourself. I always have a since of pride when I am done cooking or made something really yummy.

For me there is just something about having a book full of recipes and ideas in front of me. Pinterest is great, but there are a million pictures of pretty much the same thing and it can be saturated with content. Then I keep scrolling and cannot decide which one to choose… Sound familiar?? I know first world problems here, but in a day and age where we are so technology focused I like to just set down my phone while I am cooking. It is therapeutic for me to just play some light music while I am cooking and have one book with recipes of all my different meal options. Keep it light, simple, and fun.

I would not even say I am even super experienced with cooking and it is still trial and error for me! With large cook books with detailed and complicated instructions I end up never using them. As a girl on the go most of the time I won’t even get a full hour to cook to make breakfast, lunch, or dinner. That does not mean I should have to sacrifice taste or a variety of meals because of lack of time.

For me I started using the body boss cook books because they are so damn cute! Like look at these covers? I was already very familiar with body boss because I have their workout guides and thought it was the perfect fit. They have a 12 week eating guide for those of you trying to slim down or even just stick to a schedule. Prepping food makes live so much easier and so I loved the fact that they have foods to prep before. They also have a weekly grocery list already made for you. EFFICIENT. That is what I am talking about people!

They have over 150 recipes in the book that are all really simple, but taste amazing! Again we do not need complicated we can still get healthy and yummy food without spending two hours of prep time. They also have a superfoods list that goes into everything they recommend and the benefits that go along with it! I did my research before even getting the books and they had amazing ratings. They are also cheap compared to most cook books. It is $59.90 for the online book and hard copy or just $39.90 for the instant online access, which might be perfect for your lifestyle. For me I like having both because I enjoy the hard copy down at school, but coming up to Portland I do not want to take it with me so it's convenient to have it on my laptop. For me I think it’s a small price to pay because you do not have to plan out your meals and the grocery list is such a time savor.

Some of my favorite recipes are the green smoothie, which is a guide that comes free when you get the bundle! I am a huge smoothie person and can have it right after my workout before I head to class or get moving for the day! I also love the red cabbage salad and one of the reviews said to add mango and avocado, which I shall be trying asap ( Thanks to Annette Janisch-Hendlmeier)

I want to know if you guys have tried the body boss guide! Tell me your favorite recipes. I gotta know and would love to chat.



Photography: Whistling Dixie