• Kristy McInnis


Tickled Pink Airbrush was founded by Patrick and Kathy Tope and I had the pleasure of meeting them a few months ago! Tickled Pink Airbrush is a family owned company located in Salem, Oregon. Tickled Pink Airbrush provides long wearing, professional results in just minutes using their lightweight airbrush compressor that is set at the maximum safe psi for makeup application. Their aloe based foundation is 89% organic. Skin changes as we age, what colors or skin care products we use in our 20's may not be what we need in our 40's, 50's and beyond. Tickled Pink Airbrush kits come standard with 3 foundations, 1 for a concealer and the other 2 to be able to mixed putting an end to a woman's summer and winter sets of foundation.

When trying out to process I always thought there was zero way I could do this at home. I am not a professional makeup artist and I was honestly pretty scared to try it for two reasons.

#1 I had heard how expensive these systems were to begin with so just to splurge on a four hundred dollar product was not going to happen. Plus when these first came out I was in high school.

#2 Experience level. I think airbrush and I was like hell no. I could easily mess this up really quickly and end up hating it all together.

So get a backstory on product and how this whole company started I interviewed Kathy one of the companies owners

1. Why Airbrush Makeup? Why should one of my readers think about switching their makeup routine?

Quick, Simple and flawless results in minutes! Cosmetic Airbrushing is a better way to apply product, no different than painting a car, or any other surface, Spraying looks better and goes on even when it's sprayed versus using a brush or sponge. Cosmetic Airbrush Makeup is no different, it looks better sprayed verses applying cosmetic makeup with a brush or sponge. Within minutes you can achieve an even, flawless, soft natural look that's perfectly blended to match your skin tone. Instantly conceal and diminish imperfections like wrinkles, fine lines, acne, redness, discolorations, freckles, tattoos, rosacea, age spots, scars, birthmarks, dark circles under the eyes and so much more...Cosmetic Airbrush Makeup is easy to apply, light weight, daily wear makeup that lasts all day without touch-ups. Add a light coat of our Water Proof Sealant to provide even more staying power.

2. Why did you choose airbrush makeup as the focus of your enterprise? Makeup is such a hard industry to break into!

I (Kathy) fell in love with airbrushing when I ordered my first kit off the television. I have a red birthmark on my forehead and have always been self conscious about it. Throughout school pictures, I wore bangs to cover it. When I became old enough to wear makeup, I purchased cover sticks, powders, heavy concealers, you name it I've tried them all. The redness would be able to be covered and I could start experimenting with other hair designs (other than the bangs) but there would be a thickness or extra layer and you could always tell I was hiding (or attempting to hide) something there. With traditional makeup, it's hard to cover something like that perfectly and one of the biggest problems is being able to blend. If you use a cover stick to cove the red area, then you attempt to blend the area around and often you will smudge the cover up or it just won't blend well. With airbrushing, since there's no brush, sponge, applicator etc. you are only getting the concealer applied first and then you are able to go over it with the shade of foundation that blends with your skin and you aren't having a great deal of product that is adding a thickness to it and it actually stays. Before airbrushing, if I could actually get the area properly concealed and then blend the area it would never last and inevitably someone would see it and ask me if I had burned myself with a curling iron. I got tired of explaining to everyone that it was a birthmark. The other reason is that it (the application of applying foundation with the airbrush) doesn't land in the fine lines like traditional makeup does, especially powder. I personally think powdered foundation should be avoided with most women over 30. When we do our demonstrations those are the key areas we like to point out to our customers. The ability to conceal and to not have fine lines accentuated by other products.

3. You have so much competition in your field from local to even huge scale companies. What sets your product apart from the competition?

We believe in treating our customers the way we want to be treated. We all make mistakes. If we do, we try our very best to make it right. We also carry a lifetime warranty on the airbrush gun. It's all made out of stainless steel, and unless you intentionally damage it, they are very durable and fairly easy to fix. We provide a program where our customers can send us their gun and we will fix or replace it and send it back to them for free. We started this from day 1, we figured if a customer has a working gun, they can continue to use our products and that's what I would want as a customer. We also sell parts, the most purchased part is a needle cap. When we do our demonstrations we always tell our customers to give the needle cap a quick twist often and that way they probably won't lose one. I (Kathy) lost one on a cruise ship while on vacation. The gun doesn't spray correctly without it. We have videos on the website that go over gun maintenance and cleaning. We also have made the choice to be as organic as possible, our products are 89% organic and the first ingredient is aloe vera, we do have preservatives in them to keep them from spoiling and we would not be able to ship anything that had to be kept refrigerated. We believe that is the best for everyday use. On movie sets and such, we realize that there is a need for products to be 100% waterproof but we do not believe that those types of products that should be worn every day. We have done school demonstrations where there have been other companies that have to use a contraption for the harmful particles used in those types of foundations and we are strongly against those types that may harm our customers later on with continual use. Our system is designed to be easy (only 3 speeds low, med, and high on the compressor) and the single action gun. We also carry a 2 year warranty on the compressor compared to 1 year from the competition. We also feel we have the best value. Our 1 oz refill is only $19.95 and can last an average customer 8 to 12 months. We want a customer for life and we want them to be able to afford to wear our products every day. People are more willing to share our products with their friends and family if they have had a positive experience, been treated fairly and it's inexpensive enough to wear every day. Word of mouth is the best advertising for us.

4. How did you choose the products or colors that make up your range? Ordering would be my number one concern because I always just test in store!

We originally started out with just foundation. We wanted to make sure we could cover any range of skin color. We also had a lot of fun naming our foundations, I (Kathy) am a big fan of coffee so we have colors from Vanilla to Coffee. We started adding blushes and eventually eye shadows. We often add colors to our line based on our customers needs. For instance we had a customer that purchased a green eye shadow called Kiwi, she asked us for a darker color so now we have more of them like forest green and emerald. We have the ability to add colors all the time, so we do. We started getting requests from a couple of our schools for high lighters so we created those. I (Kathy) have to touch up my roots in between hair services so we created our root touch up for that purpose. Originally we only carried the light concealer, but we know a lot of schools teach that to properly cover red you should use a green concealer and so on.

5. We chatted so much in person about how I have breakouts and actually how this system is actually cleaner than using sponges or hands!

Cosmetic Airbrush Makeup never touches the hands, brushes or sponges, so makeup contamination is eliminated. Perfect for sharing with family or friends. Dermatologist Recommended, also excellent for those fighting acne since there are no sponges or brushes for bacteria to grow, helping to clear the skin.

6. What kind of dream or goal have you set yourselves for the brand? I know it has almost been a full decade since you first started!

We are just coming in to our 10th year and have just done the re branding. We are looking to expand our skin care line. We hope that with our new logo that we will attract more schools. We have some consultants and we would like to grow that avenue. We have some strong social media goals. We are hoping to put together better marketing material and many more videos. We would like to be known as the airbrush makeup company that stands behind their products, supports their customers and is the "go to" company for airbrush makeup and tanning.

7. Where is the brand based and are you exclusively on line or do you have a retail presence or an ambassador program?

Our brand is based here in Oregon. We have a lab in Portland and an office in Salem. We are primarily web based. We do events such as trade shows, the state fair, and Christmas shows where we perform demos and sell on location. We have a rep program where we have some salons that carry our products and they receive commissions. We also have a consultant program which began because so many of our customers were sharing our products with their friends and family we wanted them to get something for advertising for us.

8. Tell us about the team ( family) and how you guys went global!

Our main team (as you know we are family owned) is Kathy and Patrick, son Kevin is web design, daughter Kimberly assists with events. Mom Ruth assists with events, father Joe assists with legal paperwork and trademark issues. We also have a few as needed people that we pull in for projects and for staff with our events. We have local consultants that help with the bigger events such as the Oregon state fair. Patrick took the company from local to global in 2010 when he dedicated countless hours to creating our store on Amazon and our website. Patrick is the one behind the scenes that keeps everything running. Patrick is also a Volunteer Firefighter for a local fire department and is a Commercial Helicopter Pilot.


Okay so Kathy gave us all the information, but I know you guys want my thoughts! So would I buy one or not? I would because the process was actually really simple and I liked the fact you could literally give yourself a spray tan with the same machine (who doesn't want to be tan???). These machines are really compact so it is not going to take up a whole drawer and piss off your boyfriend for taking up too much space in the bathroom. Plus these bad boys are not very expensive and these would not even break the bank. I would not use mine for eye shadow because I really like having my eyes defined and like to have that freedom. I have eye-shadows I am obsessed with and not giving that up anytime soon, but for foundation and even a good spray tan. It is going to have a big thumbs up for me. You do not need to be a professional makeup artist to do this. If I can do this YOU sure can pick up one of these up on your next Amazon shopping spree !

Photography by: Eugene Pavlov Photography