• Kristy McInnis


We all wear jewelry! Some of us have real gold jewelry or will in the near future ( potentially engagement or graduation) and I think we could all use some tips when picking out our pieces. Before meeting with Toby, I had not put a lot of time into finding out about mercury free mining and how that can affect others lives. I wanted to feature Toby because he truly sets himself apart from other jewelry companies. His mission-to "have purpose and vision that pushes us to be bigger than we are".

A little back story on Toby Pomeroy and the company he founded :

Growing up in India, Toby discovered his commitment to life in balance. Today TOBY POMEROY™ is a world leader in environmentally sustainable and socially responsible jewelry. The launch of EcoGold and EcoSilver set a new standard, defining ethical luxury in ways never seen previously. Marrying timeless design with social responsibility, TOBY POMEROY jewelry truly makes sustainability beautiful.

Inspired by the patient craftspeople of India and touched by the natural beauty of the environment, Toby became fascinated with nature-influenced design. Today, TOBY POMEROY studio is a handful of young artists who, fascinated with texture and form, live to work with their hands. Their commitment to live, learn and create in harmony has the artisans forging reclaimed and source-certified, Fairmined TRUE GOLD™ metals into graceful forms inspired by the simplicity of nature. While technologies have come and gone in the over forty years that Toby Pomeroy has designed jewelry, his studio continues to pursue the purity of the ancient craft. Like their process, the studio’s designs are timeless, refined and beautiful.

When I sat down with Toby you could feel how passionate he was about the cause and just how real this problem is for so many people!

Mercury Free Mining

So who here knows about the effects of mercury in mines? My point exactly, none of us! Which is why I think it is so important that we educated. A huge issue with mining is the fact it if affecting the workers health and it is toxic. Mercury free mining is going to be HUGE and we should all care about the products we are purchasing. We all need to become more responsible and sustainable as a society! In 2004 Toby joined the

Board of Alliance of responsible mining and his love of helping other began. Live as true as possible and share the difference, passion, and commitment to others is something I am obsessed with. Being aware of what you are buying was a huge thing for Toby. He said he didn't want to make jewelry and pretend it's not his problem.

I personally have no idea where some of my gold comes from. So this was a huge sell scrap gold, knew where came from to me be to get informed.

In the world there are 20-30 million mercury miners. Can you believe there is that many? So when your purchase pieces you effect those peoples lives. CRAZY. But those people need your help to be able to work in a safe environment. There is 8000 lbs mercury in world everyday. In the mines there are neurotoxic-winds and currents that make people sick. We as the public need to stand to do better.

The Vision

Toby has a vision to inspire people, but from a superficial end, he genuinely wants each and everyone one of us to be bigger than we are. We talked so much about how your vision changes and how it never truly ends! It continues to be an examination of yourself and how to be 100% authentic in whatever you do.

His vision goes outside of just jewelry and wants to contributing to quality of life. He came to the realization after traveling all over the world that anything is possible and we are bigger than who we think we are! His search to discover people from all walks of life lead him to unleash power of who he is today.


Okay, this what is so funny: he actually started this entire company that is now all over the world from a jewelry making class in college. His professor who was Max Nixon cared so much about his craftsmanship and told him, “Don't make jewelry a profession!!” Later in the term he ended up giving him a key to the lab.

He pulled all of his inspiration from nature and uses that in every piece. So they use patterns or shapes that mimic the earth. Toby is also a perfectionist. I can relate to that, but this is WILD. It took over 9 years to come up with the sleek design design for his best selling gold hoops. I mean if I had a product shipped all over the world I might take my time (LOL).

So how does he set himself apart?

He wants his customers to know what he stands for and who he is. That his pieces have a purpose and I believe that is why he just got a huge award in New York. Plus he just attended a major convention in Las Vegas for the nation wide jewelry show.

Want to win a MILLION DOLLARS????

We chatted a little bit about him launching a challenge that will be available for worldwideworldwide participants. This cash prize is a million dollars ( YES, you read that right ) for whoever can come up with a replacement of mercury for the mining industry. Not only would you get money, but think about all the lives you could change with this? How many peoples lives you could impact? Head to Toby Pomeroy website to hear more.



Photography: Katie Nolan