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" Sarah Pendrick is the Founder and Creator of one of the original women supporting women movements, The GirlTalk Network, (originally GirlTalk LA) and other leg their 501c3 Foundation. Her mission is to empower women of all ages while serving as a resource for young women. Sarah is a self love advocate, community influencer, life coach, writer, empowerment speaker and Philanthropist. With a bachelors in Psychology and a Master's in Family Therapy, Sarah developed an famous women's event that benefits a custom empowerment program for young women. She travels all over the United States to speak to women and provides them with support, education and empowerment. Through the GirlTalk Network, Sarah not only features and connects powerful women with a purpose but she teaches women to live authentic and celebrates them through her events and programs by giving them a platform and a space to thrive and use their voice."

- The Girl Talk Network

I met Sarah A few weeks ago on a virtual blogger and women empowerment support group. I heard her story in the Huffington post and knew that she would be the perfect addition to the blog. We are all about women empowerment here and her back story would bring a new element to relate to young women. The Girl Talk network has such a powerful message. So lets introduce Sarah! KCM: Welcome welcome! We are so excited to share your story and want you to know how brave I think you are. I know many people who have been through a similar experience, but you used this situation to grow and empower! How where you able to use what had happened and transition that into a full on business?

SP: I'm so excited to be here connecting with you and your amazing community. Thank you for having me and giving women a voice!For me, it wasn't really a choice. It was just something in me. Something I think each and every one of us has. But it's about if we listen to that "thing" or not. I took my worst day and made it my best bc that's all I could imagine doing. My inner voice told me I have to do this. I also know that any hard times or terrible things that have happened made me who I am today. Someone I wouldn't ever want to change and someone who has so much empathy for other women. I took what I would of needed and what I need now and built a community.

KCM: There is a lot of shame associated with sexual assault, which is terrible in my opinion and should be changed! How did you overcome this shame and guilt that can come along with this experience? I love how you say you are not a victim, but an empowered woman!

SP: The more we share the more we heal. I think it's our responsibility as women to be there for each other and to be as honest as we can. That's the only way that shame or guilt can be healed from something that is NOT OUR FAULT. We aren't victims and we shouldn't let anyone take our empowerment away from us. In any terrible thing that happens, you cannot find an why. It's just about accepting and feeling the feels, getting the help, talking to other women and knowing you're not alone.

KCM: If someone who reads the KCM blog has a friend of family member going through a sexual assault experience, what would be your best advice for how they can support that people in their inner circle ?

SP: The best thing they can do is not try to "fix it." Show them compassion but do not treat them like a victim. Be there to just listen and be comfortable with knowing that's enough. Remind them they aren't alone in every way possible.

KCM: You have created a super successful business from your Instagram platform and lead empowering talks all over! What can we expect from attending one of these talks?

SP: Oh gosh!!! Well thank you and I have to say this is my most favorite part of what I do. Words cannot really describe what comes out of these events and talks. It's like you walk in one way and come out feeling, empowered, supported and soooo ready to live the way you want to, the way you deserve. It's like a self development + event + wedding for women + connecting all in one.

KCM: So what is next? You have been featured in the Huffington post and are changing the life's of thousands of people! How did you translate your inspiration into action?

SP: I wrote my first business plan at 16 and when I look at it now it's exactly the GirlTalk Network. So it's been something that was always in me. So many times we are looking outward for answers and forgetting we already have them. I got to a point that I was just exhausted not doing what I was meant to do and I set a date for my first event and never looked back. But I am thankful for that time that looked like I may be lost or not living in my purpose because I've brought pieces of those experiences with me in this. If you're reading this then you must have a big light inside you. I say SET A DATE and take your first step. Don't be discouraged when you hear no. That's one less person blocking you from getting to the right people. Did you know when I first was reaching out to people about my first ever event some response that I got where "whats women supporting?" Every post I posted had this hashtag because that's where I would find my people. Funny that now it's a viral hashtag! For what's next.... SO MUCH. I'm super excited about a few projects I have coming out to help us reach the heights of everything we wish to be. Keep your eyes out!!!

KCM: Being in the public eye draws so much attention and naturally being women we compare ourselves (especially on curated feeds like IG) ! How do you stay in your own lane and promote positive self talk in your day to day life?

SP: SELF CARE and self awareness. If I can leave you with anything it's give your self space. We need it, we are women. We have so many hats to wear and so many things going in. Without self care we cannot be our best versions and handle what's thrown at us. When we aren't giving ourselves that love and time we fall deep into comparison and go down the rabbit hole.

KCM: Sexual assault is such a huge movement and so prevalent in the news. Did you ever think your vision would gain so much traction? Where do you hope it goes in the future?

SP: I didn't think about it, i just did it. I knew it's what I needed to do. I shared it publicly for the first time at one of my events because I knew that over half the women in the room had to have experienced this and it is what I had to do. There was no other option other than sharing my truth. I was thinking more about them and raising money for the program I was doing to help girls in our next generation. But with sharing I also felt a even deeper healing I didn't even realize I needed and I also became even more focused on my mission.

KCM: How does cultivating a community help bring exposure to this issue? What long term effects of using the #womensupportingwomen hashtag do you hope to accomplish?

SP: Community is everything. We as women NEED it. We thrive off of community and we all really want the same thing. To feel loved, be accepted and connect. I hope that I'm able to extend a safe place and strong supportive community to women all over. I want to give women everything I possibly can. In building a community I am able to do this more and more and remind all of that we aren't alone.

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