• Kristy McInnis


You have all been asking for this post! When I got it a few weeks ago I received about 30 direct messages so I thought what a better way to learn about the process than the expert herself! Lets introduce Markette Stoddard our brow expert and owner of Vora Beauty.

What is Microbladding?? Tell us about the process!


Microblading is the process of implanting pigment into the skin in order to look like little brow hairs. You can combine this technique with powderfill or shading to give the brow even more coverage! Powderfill looks more like you filled your brows in with a powder. For the shape, I like to stay as close to each person’s natural shape as possible. I like to ENHANCE your natural shape, not change it. Your brows will be darker right after your appointment, but once they’re healed, they fade about 40% to a more natural looking brow. I always tell my clients that if they’re nervous, t’s better to start more conservative, because we can always go darker, bigger and bolder. Once the brows are healed, I like my clients to have a natural, beautiful, structured brow.

What are the benefits of Microbladding? How much does it cost?


Having your brows done saves lots of time in the mornings because you no longer have to fill your brows in everyday. It’s great to be able to workout and swim without your brows sweating off. I charge $450 for the 1st session, $150 for the 2nd session, then $175-$275 for touch-ups. Each year, I attend a few training's to make sure I am offering my clients the best that I possibly can. Once you are a Vora client, I will always do everything in my power to make sure you love your Vora brows.

How do you decide the shape?


I make sure to take as much time as we need to get the most flattering brow shape for each client’s face. I believe that each brow should be uniquely designed for each client!! This will, again, give a more natural look. For your brows we made them have a natural arch and they were naturally pretty thick.

What is the after care like? What should a new client expect?


I prefer that my clients dry heal, which means they won’t put anything on their brows and they’ll keep them completely dry. Overall, my clients hold pigment better with dry healing than any other aftercare. You’ll want to avoid working out for a few days, or doing anything that is going to make you sweat. You can’t wear makeup on or above your brows until they have healed (1-2 weeks depending on the client). Basically, you’ll leave your brows alone until the scabs have all flaked off!


Okay so I have never got a tattoo. I was completely fine, just needed someone to hold my hand and keep me talking. We chose two different shapes, one that was more dramatic and then a natural arch. I decided that I wanted to be more natural and then we went right in and started the process. She put on numbing cream and that helped a ton. Then we went over the brows a few times with the blade and then did small breaks in-between. I came to the house around 9 am and left about 11:30. We were also very chatty so I am sure that it would take around an hour and a half. They also took before and after pictures. The first session was used to make sure I like my brows and also get used to the product. You would not want something to stay for over a year if you hated it! My second session will be at the end of June, which will be the more permanent solution.

Thank you everyone for taking time to read and also being so interactive!



Photography: PinWillStudios

Brow Goddess: Vora Beauty