• Kristy McInnis


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Trying out the fabulous new Armani code available at Macy's ! It has a smoky undertone with hints of a clean floral scent. #macysbeauty I have personally never tried anything from Armani until now, so this was a first for me! My dad loves Armani and has almost every single cologne by them, so I am super familiar with the brand. For me studying marketing and being a perfume junkie, packaging and scent is everything. Especially when giving a gift you want it to be wrapped and presented in an appealing way. For me, those things include color, font, smell, and how the bottle looks. It sounds crazy, but we naturally pick things out in this way without even thinking about it! When getting this perfume I sprayed some on my mom and myself! She loved it so much she wanted to get my grandma some for Mother’s Day too and I went out and bought some! LOL So this was spot on for smell and it stays on all day! We both tested it to see how it wears and it kept its scent throughout the day.

The bottle is curved in a way so that is easy to grip and spray, which was helpful! Sometimes I have picked up perfume bottles and must use two hands to even get it to spray! The coloring of the bottle is also gorgeous. My favorite color is blue, so clearly I am a little bit bias here! I just love how it is ombre and the color towards the center of the bottle fades. It makes the focus be on the brand name and for older women, this makes it easier to read! Now that the whole girls side of the McInnis family has tested it and we are all smelling the same.

For me, perfume is more than just something you put on to smell good. It gives you attitude and is someone’s first impression of you. I choice my perfume based on my mood and want it to be as unique as I am! I would highly recommend going to a Macy’s store and picking up some for Mother’s Day or even for yourself! Go get a sample and fall in love just like my girls did!